Idle engine, being a good neighbor by following law

  • Published
  • By Iris Reiff
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Letting your engine run idle in the morning is a German traffic law violation in Germany. Over the colder winter months, many people like to turn on their vehicles in the morning, letting the engine run idle. Some people even enjoy going back into the house for a quick cup of coffee, while the engine is running, returning minutes later. In some cases, vehicle owners like to keep the engine running for a few minutes, while scraping the windows. Granted, it may be nice to enter a warm car on a cold winter day, but, unfortunately German law doesn't allow letting engines run idle and people may get fined.

Paragraph 30 of the German Traffic law order states that unnecessary noise and exhaust, coming from vehicles are to be avoided, just like slamming car doors or unnecessary cruising through a closed community, if it becomes an annoyance to residents.

In order to be good neighbor in your host country, base members, residing off base should leave their car engines off in the mornings, until shortly before departure.
Letting your engine run idle is against the law and bad for the environment.