Social media and OPSEC: Guard against the unknown

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  • By Staff Reports
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Before posting your latest duck-lipped selfie or tagging-in at an awesome restaurant on your profile page, you may want to reconsider how seemingly harmless posts can provide a plethora of information for terrorists.

In fact, many "lone wolves" use such posts to track down and attack service members and government employees at their homes. They often start by finding service members' addresses online.

Practicing good Operations Security is key to protecting personal or mission critical information. OPSEC also assists in thwarting adversaries from achieving their goals.

Below are recommended protective measures for military, civilians, contractors, and family members to use when using social media at work and at home:
· Turn off the current locations functions app on cell phones
· Avoid posting schedules and travel itineraries
· Avoid posting photos in uniform
· Do not tag names of Facebook family/friends in posted pics
· Check all family members' social media accounts
· Delete home addresses & phone numbers
· Don't announce your deployment or return dates on social media or via email; don't talk around the dates either (i.e. returning two days before Johnny's birthday)
· Be vigilant - Look out for strange individuals canvassing neighborhoods or restaurants where military and government employees reside

Remember to always use good OPSEC and good common sense.

For more information, contact the Master Sgt. Terri Trujillo, 52nd Fighter Wing Operations Security manager at 452-6280.

Editor's Note: Information for this article came from a printout from Headquarters Air Education and Training Command's Operations Security office.