Careful label reading is key for choosing safe, nutritious snacks

  • Published
  • By Emily Posadas and Staff Sgt. Rachael Marzette
  • 52nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron
When it comes to choosing an on-the-go snack that is nutritious, not only should you pay attention to the nutrition facts label, but you should also look at the ingredients list.

This has proven especially true recently when a popular granola bar, of the brand Kind, was recently found to contain hemp seeds.

That can be especially alarming in an Air Force community, where consumption of hemp seeds may cause an unknowing consumer to test positive for the banned substance THC on Air Force drug tests. According to Air Force Instruction 90-507, Military Drug Demand Reduction Program, para 1.1.6: "...the ingestion of products containing or products derived from hemp seed or hemp oil is prohibited." 

At Spangdahlem, Kind bars are sold at the Exchange and commissary; however, Strong and Kind bars, the types that contain hemp seeds, are not sold. The public health office's food safety section has been in contact with the commissary and the Exchange to ensure the particular items containing hemp seed will not be ordered or sold in their stores. For any questions about food recalls, call U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marzette in the food safety section at DSN 452-7724 06565-61-7724.

If you are purchasing Kind bars online or if someone mails you a package containing Kind bars, be on the lookout for the following Strong and Kind flavors, which contain hemp seeds: Hickory Smoked, Roasted Jalapeno, Honey Mustard, Thai Sweet Chili and Honey Smoked BBQ. 

It is also a good idea to look at the ingredients labels of all new products that you will be consuming, as they may also contain hidden ingredients banned by the Air Force, such as hemp seeds. If in doubt about a particular ingredient, you find on the nutrition facts label, feel free to call the health promotions flight at DSN 452-7385 or 06565-61-7385 to speak to the registered dietitian on staff, or send an email to