Eifelpark Gondorf offers entertainment, fun for family

  • Published
  • By Iris Reiff
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs
With the arrival of the nice weather, Spangdahlem people might consider taking a trip to the nearby Eifel Adventure and Animal Park, which just opened its doors for the 2007 spring and summer season. The park is located right outside the gate on B-50, near the town of Dudeldorf. 

In Gondorf, nature and adventure come together and the natural wooded setting is home to many animals such as deer, bears, lynx, wild goats, wild sheep, wild boars, the marmot, owls and many others. 

Besides animals, Gondorf offers several amusement areas, slides, sailboats, a water raft, a kid's giant wheel, bumper cars, an entertainment shooting stand, water games, puppet shows, a wild -life movie theater and more. Very popular are the 600-meter long bobsled which takes people back to the entrance after they crossed the park, as well as the seven track giant slide, water bumper boats and a roller coaster. The park also has plenty of playground area and facilities for small children to stroll around. 

What makes this park different from other animal parks is the fact that the visitor has close contact with the animal in open nature. Some animals, such as geese and goats, will walk up to people close enough to where they can be petted. Animals must be fed with special food that can be purchased from a machine, located inside the park. Additionally, the park has a "House of Nature" which shows and explains local birds, plants, etc., in full detail. 

There are foot paths with different distances that people can walk on and enjoy the Eifel nature which is still untouched. Rock formations typical for the region provide an insight into the Eifel's geology. 

Along the way one can find local and exotic trees, bushes and flowers. Signs which are mounted in front of each plant indicate the name and age. Those who don't want to walk all the way through the preserve may jump onto the Eifel Express, enjoying a comfortable ride, past the animals to the break-point of your choice. Eifel Park offers something for everybody. 

Two hotels, restaurants, two swimming pools and various patios are available in Gondorf, of which one hotel is located right at the park entrance and the other one outside the park in the village. 

The park is open now until mid-October from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., during the summer months until 6 p.m. 

Entry is 11 euros for adults and 7,50 euros for children, ages 4 to 14. Seniors, as of age 65, families and groups of 20 and more people receive a discount. Tickets which are valid for an entire year are available at reduced cost. 

For further information, contact the park at 06565-956633, via fax at 956644 or via e-mail at info@eifelpark.de. The park also has a Web site; however, it is only available in the German language at www.eifelpark.de. The official address for Eifelpark Gondorf is Weisstrasse 12, 54647 Gondorf. A large parking lot is available near the park.