Out and abouts for Nov. 16 - 22

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Local events

A local flea market takes place Saturdays in Landstuhl in front of the Kaufland/Toom market.

A book and toy bazaar takes place from Nov. 17 at 2 - 5 p.m.at the Manderscheid Elementary School. For more information or to sell toys, books or CDs, call Petra Schmitz at 06572-2545 or Dagmar Krause at 06572-2511.

Visit a Leonardo Da Vinci one of a kind exhibition showing 35 replicas of his work
Mondays through Fridays from noon to 6 p.m. and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The show takes place at the Stadthaus "Alter Bahnhof" in Traben-Trarbach until Nov. 25.

Enjoy an unplugged Advent- and Christmas concert Dec. 1- 2 at the Wittlich Synagogue. Tickets cost between 9 and 12 euros and are available for sale at the Wittlich "Altes Rathaus" or old city hall.

Get tickets now for the Military-Music-Parade in early 2008 featuring 400 musicians from seven countries who will perform in Koblenz Jan.19., in Trier Jan. 26 and in Saarbruecken March 8; amongst other dates. For more information, go to www.bundesmusikparade.de or call 01805-602260 for tickets.

ITT trips
For more information about Information, Trips and Travel activities, call 452-6567 or e-mail 52svs.itt@spangdahlem.af.mil. Children prices are for those ages 3-12.

Dine like royalty at the Cochem Castle medieval dinner Nov. 24. Cost is $87.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Prague Nov. 21-24. Cost is $329 for adults, $269 for children ages 12 - 16 and $229 for children ages 3-11. Those who wish to occupy a room by themselves will be charged an extra $120.

Travel to Krakau and Auschwitz Nov. 22-24. Cost is $229 for adults and $209 for children.

Spend Christmas in Rome Dec. 21-25. Cost is $579 for adults and $449 for children.

Explore Switzerland Dec. 1. Cost is $90 for adults and $80 for children.

Shop at the Rothenburg Christmas market Dec. 1. Cost is $65 for adults and $59 for children.

Hit the Brugge Christmas market Dec. 8. Cost is $65 for adults and $59 for children.

Catch the Nurnberg Christmas market Dec. 15. Cost is $65 for adults and $59 for children.

Take in the Bonn Hall of Arts 'Egypt's Sunken Treasures' exhibit Dec. 15. Cost is $62 for adults and $57 for children.

Experience the Aachen Christmas market Dec. 22. Cost is $54 for adults and $49 for children.

Hop on the Amsterdam New Year's Express Dec. 31. Cost is $79.

Enjoy New Year's celebrations in Paris Dec. 30-Jan. 1. Cost is $389 for adults and $369 for children.

Outdoor Recreation
For more information about Outdoor Recreation trips, call 452-7170.

Fall mountain bike trips to the F-Trail takes place Dec. 8 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The more than 26km course consist of a rolling single track, with some minor technical terrain, a few moderate climbs and several descents. The trip is open to ages 16 and up. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Enjoy a skiing and snowboarding trip to the Swiss Alps Jan. 21-25, Feb. 18-22 and March 17-21.