Final goodbye

  • Published
  • By Col. Darryl Roberson
  • 52nd Figther Wing Public Affairs

That's what I say about all the accomplishments you, the members of the 52nd Fighter Wing, have achieved. From massive deployments, destroying our enemies, passing NATO evaluations, improving our base, being good neighbors, to taking care of our people, you have worked hard, sacrificed much and continued the legacy of success for this Wing!

Thank you!

That's what Cheryl and I say to all of you for your dedication, effort, and friendship. We have been blessed to be a part of this Wing and to get to know so many of you and your families. While the accomplishments are stunning, it is the people we will remember the most! Every time I shadowed an Airman, I walked away amazed at the talent and proud that our Air Force will be in good hands for the future. Also, we are fortunate to have such good neighbors and hosts here in Germany ... thanks go to our German friends for so much support!

Best wishes!

For your continued success and future! While I had the opportunity to stop by and shake many hands, I didn't get to all of you. Cheryl and I wish you the very best for your careers, families and lives.

It has been an honor and privilege to be a part of such a great wing. We are moving on to other opportunities only because of the great work done here by all of you! Our motto, Seek, Attack, Destroy, will always be in my heart and I hope it continues to describe how the Wing seeks excellence, attacks its challenges, and destroys enemies and obstacles to success.

Thank you for all the memories and God speed!