COMUSAFE shares 101 Critical Days of Summer safety message

RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany -- The Air Force promotes safety year-round, but we place extra emphasis on the time period from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. This period, the "101 CRITICAL DAYS OF SUMMER," has historically been a hazardous period for Air Force personnel as travel and summer water activities increase. In fact, last summer USAFE lost two valued team members needlessly in motor vehicle accidents.

This year's campaign dates are May 24 through Sept. 1. While this is traditionally a Safety Campaign, I want commanders, supervisors, and all team members to commit to taking care of themselves and each other in a broader sense. This team effort is best achieved through the Wingman philosophy: we look out for each other physically, mentally, and spiritually, not just in terms of personal safety. In addition to taking care of each other, this will ensure we are ready to win today, prepare for tomorrow, and sustain ourselves as the greatest Air Force in the world.

Our operational tempo remains high, and so do related stressors. Take time this summer to enjoy family and friends, and recharge your batteries, but do it wisely. Assess and manage the risks in all you do. Apply risk management principles and self-discipline. Remember: Your Choice - Your Life - Choose Wisely.

Thank you and your families for your service to the Air Force and the nation. I am proud to serve alongside all of you.