A Very Sad Little Girl and Great Disappointment in our Local Military Community

  • Published
  • By Jacquie Zachry
  • Air Force Spouse
I have an 8 year old daughter; she turned 8 on May 19. All she asked for was a Nintendo Wii for her Birthday. Since we are PCSing and sold her bike, her father and I decided to do our best and try and get one for her - this is a big splurge for us; no cheap toy here.

Getting a Nintendo Wii on base is next to impossible as I'm sure most people on base know. I asked all my friends back in the States to please look for one for us. Ordering on line is a task as Wii's are hard to come by, period.

Sweet success and a bonus; None of my usual contacts came thru for us, but a friend of a friend purchased one for us: (serial number: LU342110108 -with a square around the number '8'). It was delivered to our door three days later. Three days prior to my daughter's birthday on May 19Th.

Yippee for us, and Oh, how short the sweet reward was, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Now we had the game, but getting accessories, and such, was a battle here, as well. We were able to purchase some as the BX received some soon after. And so we blissfully played our Wii for about two weeks.

Now, we are PCSing and our house was scheduled to be packed the week of June 2. We decided since we'd be in our house with only the FMO furniture and a borrowed TV, we'd keep the Wii and carry it with us. In doing so, my husband decided to place the Wii, and a few various other high-dollar items, in our car so as not to be packed on accident.

As most of you know, packers can sometimes be like a whirlwind, swoop in and pack everything in sight. During the first two days of packing, we had the Wii in our house, but on the evening before the major household packing was to be done, June 3, my husband placed the Wii in the car.

We live in Spangdahlem housing, and regardless of living on base, we ALWAYS lock our car. Aside from running a few extremely quick errands on base, our car was parked in front of our building June 3-6.

June 6, my husband went to get all of our stuff out of our car and realized our Wii was gone and proceeded to come in and ask me where I had placed or moved the Wii. Our car had also not been driven off-base for more than a week.

Somewhere in this time-frame, someone on-base decided to get a Wii at a five-finger- discount... How the person got into our car is a mystery to us.

My daughter is devastated, my husband and I stunned! This is our home, our car, our base and our community... to think that someone took this from us... what happened to integrity? It bothers me to think that someone in our Military Community went into our car and took it. We know they were after only one thing based on what was left in the car. I don't care who took it, I don't really want to know. What I want is for our Wii to be returned.

We do not seek any type of punishment toward the person, or persons, just the return of the items taken. Knowing how hard a Wii is to come by, I'd like to think a parent, guardian or friend would realize if one would happen to suddenly appear in your home that, maybe, just maybe, it might not be under the guise you've been told. Please help us restore our faith in our Military Community and return our Wii to us.

Please let our mistake help you; don't leave anything of value in your car as our base integrity is not what it once was.

If you have any information pertaining to our Wii, please call us at; 06565933939. REWARD OFFERED.