3rd AF/CC reminds Airmen to keep safety focus

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Philp Breedlove
  • 3rd Air Force Commander
3rd AF Warriors, I want to first thank you for your vigilance and being good wingmen during the Spring Spike. Because of your efforts we did not lose anyone in U.S. Air forces in Europe to avoidable mishaps. But we are now transitioning from the second most deadly time of year, into the deadliest time, the 101 Critical Days of Summer.

Historically, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, there is an increase in the number of fatalities and serious injuries connected with driving, sports and other recreational activities. The Air Force lost 17 Airmen during this period last year, including one from USAFE. Whether it was due to excessive speed, fatigue, lack of seat belt use or drinking and driving ... the bottom line is that all were preventable.

With the days growing longer and the weather getting warmer, we will become more active outdoors and on the roadways. As our off-duty activities increase, so will the hazards and associated risks. I'm asking all supervisors and wingmen at all levels to recognize this fact and engage their fellow warriors to provide effective mentorship. We must stress proper trip planning and continuously promote sound personal risk management in everything we do, both on and off duty.

You are all responsible for our continued successes and our valuable mission starts with you. Every mishap we're able to prevent preserves our combat capability and ensures we can present these vital capabilities each day to USAFE and U.S. European Command.

Thank you for the hard work you do for the 3rd AF and USAFE each
Day. Let's all be smart during the upcoming 101 Critical Days of Summer!