Saber 1 uses blog to address concerns

  • Published
  • By Col. Lee T. Wight
  • 52nd Fighter Wing commander
When it comes to having a community of more than 5,000 Airmen, communicating effectively is imperative. I wanted to find a way to reach every single Airman on base to get their input, and now, I'm able to with my new blog. As your wing commander, it is my duty and intent to take your questions and concerns seriously, and this blog is another avenue to for me to have direct interaction with each Saber.

Anyone with a common access card can access the blog through the Air Force portal. Every Saber has the ability to contribute to our success; therefore, I am open to hearing the comments questions and concerns - whether good or bad - of all who choose to post. Not only will I personally read every entry, but I also will look for an answer to your question or issue and respond. This forum is meant to help us work together to solve issues at Spangdahlem.

And it already is proving to help us do just that.

So far, Airmen have brought up issues with car inspections on base, ideas for deterring alcohol related offenses and individuals driving under the influence, as well as hosting an off-base half marathon. All of the information shared has been extremely useful, and I have started looking into each idea and issue to see what we can do. This is also an outlet to talk about the good things happening at our base, so we can continue carrying out those particular processes or services. You can help shape, improve and excel programs at Spangdahlem, which, in turn, springboard us toward accomplishing our mission more effectively.

This blog is not just an attempt to be "hip" - I truly believe that reaching every Saber and allowing them the chance to speak their mind is an important part of making Spangdahlem a better place to live and work, and better support the Air Force mission to fly, fight and win.

It takes guts to speak your mind, especially in a public forum your peers and supervisors can see. I applaud and appreciate those who have taken this step so far, and encourage others to consider doing so if you have something on your mind. However, it's important to remember that we need to continue the Saber Standard of excellence - please keep it professional at all times and don't discuss any classified information.

Communication is just the beginning of change. When there are issues, we need to examine not only what bothers us or what processes need to be improved, but also possible solutions. People have already initiated this kind of forward-thinking in their posts, so keep them coming!

Not into blogging? Other forums, including Commander's Corner on AFN at 8 a.m. Fridays and the Direct Line in our newspaper, The Saber Herald, are also available for people to give their inputs and ideas. The blog is just another option. It should be noted, however, that this is a quicker means for conversing in a secure environment.

Thanks to all Sabers for your hard work. I look forward to hearing from you! Post away!

Saber 1