Holiday Greeting - 52nd Maintenance Group

  • Published
  • By Col. John C. Morley
  • 52nd Maintenance Group Commander
From the professional Saber Maintainers of the 52nd Maintenance Group, I'd like to wish everyone a very safe and happy Holiday season. Please enjoy our customized version of The Night Before Christmas!

Poem penned by: Senior Master Sgt. John J. Lysaght

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the group,
Not a maintainer was stirring, not one single troop.
The CTKs were checked, all the tools were right there,
No need for QA to come out of their lair.

The Pro-Supers were nestled and curled up their bricks,
Dreaming of Code-1 aircraft, and hoping it wasn't a trick!
With the CD chairing the meeting, and the chief by his side,
We all got a break, because his Blackberry had died.

When over the radio, MOCC made such a clatter,
All the Ops O's just knew, that something was the matter.
And away to their trucks, the expeditors did dash,
Along with maintenance flight, in case of a crash.

To EOR they ran, reflective belts in tow,
Because safety would be cross, if each person didn't glow.
And the MXG staff, out of the woodwork they came,
Tracking suspense's and meetings is the name of their game!

On Vipers, On Hogs! And don't forget the Hawks!
With Dragons, and Cobras helping them pull chalks.
And Ammo and Armament, their powerful punch is divine
Because without them, we're just a local airline.

Crew chiefs' eyes were glazed over, fingers cold and wet,
From weekends and nights spent in front of the jet.
And the Specialist turned wrenches, and as far as I could see,
The heads up display came on and worked perfectly.

Now the folks down in FAB, with all their cutting and bending,
Magicians they are, their tricks never-ending.
And over in Props, harnessing power is the name of the game,
Lacking them, powered flight, we could never attain.

The experience in AFETS, one must not forget,
Their years of wisdom are their greatest asset.
And the Rangers in AGE, well they're a special lot,
Because they have to fix it all, powered or not.

The folks in MTF keep us ready to strike,
While their mates in Analysis are quite gnome like.
Keeping maintenance straight, that's the job of P&S,
While training loaders, well that falls to the WSS.

The hard chargers in Accessories; a myriad of systems they repair,
With specialties varied, their jobs get little fanfare.
What happens in the castle, not very much is known,
But without Avionics black boxes, not a sortie can be flown.

The commotion was over, the MXG/CC jumped on his bike,
And I heard him exclaim, as he pedaled out of sight,
"With all these professionals around, it's easy to see
Why Saber maintainers are the best in USAFE."