52 Lines of Leadership: Resolve to be re-inspired

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Melanie Prince
  • 52nd Medical Operations Squadron
All of us have heard a great line, quote or saying from someone wishing to pass on his or her words of wisdom. I propose simply one resolution -- to stop, reflect and be re-inspired by something you have heard or read that had such a profound effect on your senses it stuck with you and has shaped your leadership style and perspective.

If you run short on memories, join me in my reflections for calendar year 2011 as I am re-inspired by 52 lines of reflection that have influenced me as a leader. Some are my own thoughts inspired by others' words, deeds or actions. Some are from past and present leaders, family and friends, and mentors and muses.

As the saying goes, all truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times, but to truly make them our own we must think them over again honestly until they take root in our own personal experience.

Many of you will recognize immediately that you are indeed an inspiration! I submit to each of you to resolve to be re-inspired. In doing so, you may well inspire those in your world and the world around you.

Week 1 Look a man [or woman] in the eyes when you speak. - my dad, Joseph Shilo
Week 2 What you tolerate is what you reap.
Week 3 Tell the truth, in hard times and in easy times.
Week 4 Know the names of the people around you, and learn a little something about their families.

Week 5 Success requires a sensible approach: Know what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like and tastes like. Then assault your senses.
Week 6 Seek guidance from your higher power to know which bridges should be burned, crossed or built. - a church marquee
Week 7 Be principled, no matter what! -- retired Col. Diane Napoli
Week 8 Social media does not equal social" friends" regarding your subordinates.

Week 9 When you are nervous; speak loudly, and no one, including you, will notice.
Week 10 The truth is somewhere in the middle or at least, left or right of center.
Week 11 If you're good enough long enough, the right people will know. - retired Navy Cmdr. Frank Little
Week 12 Be loyal....upward and downward.

Week 13 Ambition hurts when it is at the expense of others.
Week 14 It's all about your people; practice servant leadership. - an active-duty major command surgeon general
Week 15 The truth is rarely revealed the first go round; be patient.
Week 16 Don't just set the standard; win the Oscar for acting the standard.

Week 17 Protect your boss.
Week 18 Praise in public; chastise in private.
Week 19 Don 't ask your people to do anything that you wouldn't do. - Chief Master Sgt. Dawn Fruits
Week 20 Sticks and stones break bones; and words can break order and discipline.

Week 21 You can't save everyone, but be courageous enough to try.
Week 22 Treat others as you think you deserve, not want, to be treated.
Week 23 Be consistent; but don't be a cookie cutter.
Week 24 Know who should own the monkey. - an active-duty wing commander

Week 25 The higher you are in the food chain, the further you are from the truth.
Week 26 Prevent burnout by striking a balance with work, family, play, fitness and spirituality.
Week 27 Don't compare others in public as someone may feel inferior - unintentionally, of course - my daughters
Week 28 Sometimes the hard things must be said; it's equally hard to be the recipient

Week 29 The state of your desk is a reflection of your state of mind.
Week 30 Be fair, not fair-weather
Week 31 Always look ahead. Today's work is already done.
Week 32 Be decisive, even when compromising.

Week 33 Don't share personal information with a colleague who could one day be your boss.
Week 34 Someone is always watching. - retired Col. Terri Page
Week 35 If you don't apply for the job, you've made a "no" decision easy.
Week 36 Challenge the mundane, the convention and the routine.

Week 37 Find your muse; connect often with it, him or her.
Week 38 Leaders are expected to participate in social events...aren't they?
Week 39 Vanity is acceptable when wearing the uniform.
Week 40 Be prepared with a 30-second dialogue in case you ride in an elevator with someone unexpected.

Week 41 Less is often more. Learn to communicate your point concisely.
Week 42 Set aside and budget for "leadership" donations, then count your blessings.
Week 43 It's all about perspective. - an active-duty group commander
Week 44 Body language is a great communicator.

Week 45 Be contemporary. Keep up with the latest new GeeWhizIt.
Week 46 Don't tolerate or minimize racism or sexism. - retired Brig. Gen. Theresa Casey
Week 47 Know when to sit at the table or on the perimeter chairs.
Week 48 Disagree behind closed doors, then cross the threshold with unity.

Week 49 Don't be embarrassed to be embarrassed, but don't embarrass your peers.
Week 50 If you can't accept every subordinate's invitation, don't accept any.
Week 51 Be confident in your decision when it is grounded with rationale.
Week 52 If your voice is an octave higher than normal, it's a sure bet you are angry, lying, or unsure. - retired Navy Cmdr. Frank Little

These are suggestions to help inspire you to be a better leader. Some, none or all may apply to you, and that's OK. Find some mantras that work for you, and incorporate them into your daily, or weekly, life.