Save time, book medical appointments online

  • Published
  • By Capt. Mark Sabroski
  • 52nd Medical Group
 In today's virtual world, you can do practically anything online. So, it should be no surprise that setting up your family's medical appointments online is only a mouse click away.

Yes, the days of waking up early to call the appointment line are over. TRICARE Online, TOL, allows customers receiving healthcare at a military treatment facility to schedule or cancel appointments, order prescription refills and even view their personal health data through a secure portal.

TOL features also allow users access to their personal health data including lab results, problem lists and encounter data through the 'Blue Button' feature. Members are even authorized to make appointments for other family members online.

From the beneficiary home page, authorized adult family members are permitted to schedule, view and cancel both primary care and some self-referral specialty appointments on behalf of themselves, minors and adult family members with permission.

To gain granting access for family members, visit the DoD Self-Service Access Center at

Members can try out the online service by logging on to Users are encouraged to establish a username and password

For TOL customer assistance and additional information, contact the Military Health System customer service help desk toll-free from Germany at 0800-1011129. You may also visit the 52nd Medical Group TRICARE Service Center to have your TOL questions answered.