Library: Programs transform readers into leaders

  • Published
  • By Ellick Ruffin
  • 52nd Force Support Squadron
The Spangdahlem Library recently underwent a carpet replacement project in February.

However, the carpet represents only one of the major changes we have made to the library in the past few months.

One major change was the reallocation and consolidation of the resources from the Bitburg Annex's Library to Spangdahlem's Library. This change let the staff send many of the library resources to an orphanage in Poland. Another benefit from the consolidation was we were able to bring more of our resources under one roof to allow us to operate with less manning. This means we can serve you better, even during these leaner times.

The library is now one of the most popular locations on base, seeing more than 500 people on average a day. The checkout selection now contains more than 30,000 items, including popular movies and series on DVD, more than 50 magazines, CLEP and DANTES study materials, music on CD, audiobooks on CD and MP3, board and electronic games, and hardcopy books for all ages. All it takes is a U.S. Air Forces in Europe library card.

Additional online resources like Mango Language database, Morningstar Financial Reports, CountryWatch, and Ebscohost and Infotrac online newspapers and magazines, are also available at and require only a library card to access. Library cardholders may also request books from any USAFE library simply by logging into same website.

The library staff also welcomes purchase suggestions and paper interlibrary loan requests for any materials our customers are seeking.

Computers with internet access are available, and you can print for only 10 cents per page. Wireless internet access is free and extends 25 feet from building. Faxing is $1 per page and photocopies are 10 cents per page.

The library is staffed by two professional librarians, a computer specialist, and both German and American library technicians, all of whom are happy to help with your information needs. The library staff offers a variety of programs, including a weekly toddler storytime every Thursday at 10:30 a.m., a monthly book group, online database classes bi-monthly, and individual or group introductory library classes as requested.

A new program funded by USAFE Libraries is the "Books on Demand" program. This program allows USAFE customers to request items that for one reason or another the Spangdahlem Library cannot procure.

New technologies at the library this year include a self-checkout station and a new study room with smart board and video-conferencing capability that will shortly be available for small groups to use.

Finally, the base library is the place to register and participate in the Defense Department Summer Reading Program with many great events and prizes.

It does not matter whether you are young or old, from the north, south east or west, what you will find is that we offer you the best. We strongly encourage you to visit the place where we transform readers into leaders.

The library is located in Bldg. 148 and is open every day of the week. For more information, call DSN 452-6203 or 06565-61-6203.