How to follow up after host-nation medical appointments

  • Published
  • By Maj. Jeffrey Sabido and Maj. Linda Currier
  • 52nd Medical Operations Squadron
Ever wonder what to do after a visit to a host-nation emergency room or a host-nation medical provider? What happens next? How will your doctor know about your medical concerns and how will the information get into your medical record?

Patient liaison officers at the four local host-nation hospitals provide translation services to Sabers and their families at those facilities. The PLOs are available during business hours Monday to Friday and are on-call after hours and on weekends and holidays. Simply make a request for assistance via the hospital staff.

After any network visit, please bring all documents including X-ray, MRI and lab results to the TRICARE Service Center located on the first floor of the new medical clinic. Our staff will translate your documents and add them to your medical record. This information is used to determine your fitness for duty for deployments and future assignments. Follow up is also important for our active duty family members and retirees to ensure continuity of care with your PCM.

Most prescriptions filled at the Apotheke are reimbursed by TRICARE if you turn in your receipt and claim form. Once translated, you also have the option of getting prescriptions filled at the Spangdahlem pharmacy. If the exact medication is not available, a substitute or similar medication may be offered.

All active duty personnel, dependents and retirees should contact their PCM team by placing a telephone consult through the appointment line after treatment at a Host Nation hospital. Even if you have a scheduled follow-up with a Host Nation medical provider, please contact your PCM to ensure you receive the appropriate standard of care. If you were seen for musculoskeletal conditions or an injury such as a broken bone, ankle or knee sprain, or low back pain, consulting with your PCM will ensure any additional care required is received. A Host Nation medical provider may recommend orthopedic surgery and/or physical therapy; however, your PCM must agree and place those referrals before surgery or physical therapy can happen. Additionally, active duty members are required to consult with Landstuhl Regional Medical Center prior to non-emergent surgery on the network.

It is important that all beneficiaries (active duty, family members, or retirees) who receive an orthopedic surgery at a Host Nation facility follow-up with their PCM for a consult to Spangdahlem AB Physical Therapy to prevent delays in rehabilitation. We are currently able to treat all active duty non-surgical injuries and all beneficiaries (active duty, dependents, and retirees) for post-surgical procedures. Waiting to start physical therapy puts you behind the power-curve for rehabilitation, which may result in chronic pain, decreased motion, strength, endurance, and function.

Complicated cases may require additional specialty care. Our Case Manager will assist with coordinating appointments and consultations and can be reached at DSN 452-8138 or commercial 06565618138.

We hope this information answered your questions about what to do after a Host Nation medical appointment. If you have any questions about your healthcare, you can contact your PCM team and ask for a telephone consult by calling DSN 452-8333 or Commercial 06565618333.