SAPR Down Day - Step Up, Step In

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Tom Jones
  • U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa Commander
In this dangerous world, the last enemy our Airmen need to face is one from within our own Air Force family.

Fostering a professional climate free from sexual assault is every Airman's responsibility. That is why we are standing down command mission activities to focus our attention on the serious issue of sexual assault prevention and response. We need to rededicate ourselves to upholding the high standards we committed to when we volunteered to serve in the Air Force.

Remember every Airman is a sensor. Changing our climate will take the active commitment of commanders, supervisors and Airmen at all levels to get out in front of this issue. We must pull together to support victims of sexual assault and ensure allegations are addressed immediately, and we must also have the courage to get involved and stop sexual assault before it happens.

During the upcoming stand-down day, Airmen will have a chance to talk about difficult situations involving sexual assault prevention and response. Take advantage of this time to discuss how you can contribute to workplace professional ethics, responsibilities we have as Airmen to enforce standards and the debilitating consequences sexual assaults have on our people and readiness.

I need each and every Airman to stand up for one another, to step up, and step in to stop sexual assaults and foster a climate of dignity and respect. We can only succeed if we all do our part. Sexual assault is a crime that cannot and will not be tolerated. Our Airmen deserve nothing less.