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  • Don't stand by

    Every Airman is taught to bring a Wingman whenever going out. Wingmen should help each other make good decisions and keep each other safe, but what happens if a Wingman isn't paying attention, or feels uncomfortable stepping in when something is not right? A recent DoD survey found that junior enlisted bystanders are the least likely to step
  • Wingman test: pass or fail

    What would you do? The DoD received 5,061 reports of alleged sexual assult in 2013 with more than 54 percent involving service member-on-service member crime. Every Airmen is responsible for stepping in when something is not right, even in seemingly awkward situations. We all have a role in combating sexual assault. It is essential that every
  • Spangdahlem recertifies dependent allowances

    Spangdahlem is getting a jump start on an Air Force-wide initiative to ensure families are receiving the correct pay. The Dependent Status Recertification Plan focuses on Base Allowance for Housing and Overseas Housing Allowances for all Airmen with family members. The Secretary of the Air Force Family Member Program initiated this policy in April
  • Face of Defense: Legal Officer Serves to Give Back to America

    The United States gave Air Force Capt. Dimple Nolly's parents a chance to provide a better life for their family when they moved from India to America."Although my parents faced adversity, they remained focused on their goal, which ultimately inspired me to always pursue the best, do my best and push for the best," the Houston native said. "I
  • Notes from the JAG: October 2012

    Click the link for the October edition of "Notes from the JAG."http://www.spangdahlem.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-121003-008.pdf
  • Notes from the JAG: September 2012

    Click the link for the September edition of "Notes from the JAG."http://www.spangdahlem.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-120905-004.pdf
  • Notes from the JAG: August 2012

    Click the link for the August edition of "Notes from the JAG."http://www.spangdahlem.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-120927-005.pdf
  • Notes from the JAG: July 2012

    Click the link for the July edition of "Notes from the JAG."http://www.spangdahlem.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-120628-003.pdf