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210 Saber senior airmen selected for staff sergeant

(U.S. Air Force graphic)

(U.S. Air Force graphic)


Congratulations to the following 210 52nd Fighter Wing senior airmen selected for promotion to staff sergeant Aug. 25.   

The Air Force selected 16,506 senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant of the 39,064 eligible, representing an overall selection rate of 42.25 percent. 

"I applaud your hard work and dedication, which have led you to this next step of your Air Force career as non-commissioned officers," said U.S. Air Force Col. Joe McFall, 52nd FW commander. "As you transition from technicians to front-line leaders and mentors, keep the fire and drive that got you here and instill it in your Airmen and colleagues."

Officials selected 2,318 Airmen with a Promote Now recommendation for 14.04 percent of the total selects; 5,762 Airmen with a Must Promote recommendation (34.91 percent of the total selects) and 8,426 Airmen with a Promote recommendation (51.05 percent of the total selects). 

Within the promotion recommendation groups, 98.6 percent of eligible Airmen with a Promote Now recommendation were selected, 88.2 percent of those in the Must Promote recommendation group were selected and 29.1 percent in the Promote recommendation group. This matches the intent of those with a Promote Now receiving a "significant advantage over their peers," those with a Must Promote receiving an "advantage over their peers" and those with a Promote given a rating "relative to their peers." 

The staff sergeant promotion list is available on the Air Force Portal and myPers. Airmen can also access their score notices on the virtual MPF via the secure applications page.


Staff sergeant-selects

Andrew Anderson, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Geoffrey Anderson, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Zachary Anderson, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

Adam Angus, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Allan Aragon, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Peter Archer, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Brice Arens, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Christopher Bailey, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Daniel Baker, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Sydney Barber, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Geneva Barner, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

Stephen Beebe, 52nd Communications Squadron

Tazz Berry, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Brian Berthiaume, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Stephen Biggs, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Christopher Blanks, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Patrick Bognot, 470th Air Base Squadron

Tessa Boyea, 52nd Contracting Squadron

Imani Bryant, 470th Air Base Squadron

Jonathan Bullock, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Trebor  Burns, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Geon Butler, 52nd Communications Squadron

Lauren Cameron, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Francis Candelario, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Antonio Casillas, 606th Air Control Squadron

Brent Christensen, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

William Cisna, 52nd Medical Operations Squadron

Michael Clarke, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Kyle Clayton, 52nd Communications Squadron

Ryan Corcoran, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Jennifer Damhauser, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron


Jahid Daniels, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Terrance Darden, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Justin Davis, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Nathan Deaton, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Sarah Denewellis, 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs

William Densford, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Kimberly DeVeau, 52nd Medical Operations Squadron

Branden Dickens, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Nicholas Diep, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Miguel Dietrich, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

James Dixon, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Jordon Doehrmann, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Jamere Dotson, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Richard Dray, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Yuriy Dubrov, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Kevin Dunn, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Jonah Easter, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Hunter Eckwall, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Victoria Edge, 52nd Fighter Wing

James Edwards, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Madeline Ericson, 52nd Fighter Wing

Rigo Estrada, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Hunter Everett, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Cody Ewer, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Faisal Farooq, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Andrew Ferraro, 606th Air Control Squadron

Tonya Fitzsimmons, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

John Forehand, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Nestor Fraga, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Mitchell Frank, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Christopher Freehoff, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Taylor Frey, 52nd Force Support Squadron

Sixto Garcia, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Shane Gaynor, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Robert Gere, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Austin Gifford, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Jared Gilbert, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Eric Goetting, 52nd Communications Squadron

Kyle Gonzales, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Paislei Gordon, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Grace Gouchie, 52nd Force Support Squadron

Alexander Graff, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Dean Hader, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Kaleb Hamrac, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Andrew Harmel, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Edward Hemenway, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

Mikhah Hernandez, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Kody Hildebrand, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Michael Hill, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Cameron Holman, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Ryan Holmstrom, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Denzell Hoover, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Adrianna Hopkins, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

William Hopkins, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Dana Horn, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Scott Horst, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Evan House, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Johnathan Hunt, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Cody Hutchison, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Nathanial Jackson, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Tonyea Jackson, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Michelle Jacobs, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Logan Jenkins,   52nd Maintenance Squadron

Jamie Jenks, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Landen Jiral, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Matthew Johnson, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Edward Jones, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Robert  Jones, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Emanuel Jordan, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Jake Keitz, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Alexander Kiefer, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Michael Kirsch, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Chance Korb, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Kyle Koski, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Jacob Kosman, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

Jacob Laflamme, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Kyle Leichliter, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Michael Leidhoff, 52nd  Maintenance Group

Dustin Lepak, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Sharlene Lopes, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Alfonso Lopez,  52nd Security Forces Squadron

Edwin Lopez, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Sean Loughney, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Sieana Mackiewicz, American Forces Network Spangdahlem

Miriam Malapit, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Charles Manarino, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Charles Mannix, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Paul Marcano, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Mason Marrin, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Kimberly Martin, 606th Air Control Squadron

Gabriel Martinez, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Nicholas Matson, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Nicholas Matta, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Lindsay McAlpin, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Lamonte McCoy, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Timothy McCullough, 52nd Contracting Squadron

Carson  McKay, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Kevin McKinnon,704th Munitions Support Squadron

Wesley Medlin, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Kurt Melder, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Gabriel Melocoton, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Oliver Mercado, 52nd Communications Squadron

Diane Mercurio, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Patrick Miller, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Justin Moore, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Michael Moore, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Aston Morrison, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Jonathan Morrison, 52nd Medical Support Squadron

Shaquil Moss, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Korissa  Muniz,  703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Harry Musser, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Jeremiah Neer, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Aleksandr Nekrasov, 606th Air Control Squadron

Michael Novelli, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Brittan Oakley, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Joshua Papish, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

So Park, 52nd Comptroller Squadron

Jhan Parra, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Kenneth Patten, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Robert Pattison, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Jazmin Perez, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Alexander Pizarro, 606th Air Control Squadron

Mark Pulliam, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Jose Ramos, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Jermaine Ramsey, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Kaylee Reece, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Janice Reynolds, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Jonathan Riley, 52nd Communications Squadron

Maximiliano Rivera, 52nd Maintenance Group

Jessica Rock, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Roberto Rodriguez, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Daniel Roessler, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

Diana Rosas, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Lachai Ross, 470th Air Base Squadron

Jessie Rumbaugh, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Luz Sanchez, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Kyle Sanders, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Randall Saylor, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Emalyn Schliesing, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Jon Schumacher, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Shea Scullin, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Jason Seavey, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Valerie Shinwen, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Ryan Siders, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Kadarryl Small, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Vincent Smith, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Jaime Solis, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Wandell Somerville, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

Kelsey Soto, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Ryan Souza, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Andrew Sprankle, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Austin Spurling, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Damian St. George, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Michael  Standridge, 470th Air Base Squadron

Matthew Stedge, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Cory Stoudemayer, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Brett Tarkalson, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

Clayton Tate, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Alfred Tautolo, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Christopher Tennant, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Isaiah Tharp, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

Roxana Tharpe, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Tyson Thomas,  52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

Jeffrey Tidwell, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Wesley Todd, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

Trent Tubek, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Allen Turner, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Patrick Turner,  702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Timothy Van Hulst, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Edward Vazquez, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

Cody Watson, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Saulo Watson, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Jonah Webber, 52nd Communications Squadron

Anthony Westberry, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

Brandon Winder, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Glenn Wootres, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Ryan Young, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Marisol Zamora, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Nicholas Zierden, 52nd Dental Squadron