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During a permanent-change-of-station move there are a number of things that must be done, and each new task can seem even more important and time sensitive than the last. Something that should not get pushed down the priority list for pet owners is making sure they have their animals ready to travel.

The first step in getting your pet ready to move to a new home is visiting the commander's support staff to fill out and have the CSS staff sign off on an Air Force Form 1546, Request for PCS Port Call. Owners fill out the AF Form 1546 with information such as the kennel dimensions, age of pet, gender, breed and total weight of pet and kennel. After the form is filed out it should be taken to the Passenger Travel Office. When completing this form, provide a 15 day window for travel if traveling with pets.

All family and pet information must be included on the port call request for their travel to be booked. Travel reservations should be made as early as possible; however, requests cannot be submitted earlier than 90 days prior to the PCS. Air Mobility Command Patriot Express missions are booked first. Pet owners should note that a non-availability of pet allocations on AMC does not justify travel via commercial air. In addition, AMC classifies pets as dogs and cats only.

Current AMC costs start at $103 per pet and the price increases as the size of the kennel increases. Travelers are limited to two pets. The cost for commercial travel can be obtained from the airline or a pet shipping company.

During summer months many airlines impose an embargo from May through September due to heat. Whether or not your pet is accepted by the airline depends on the location and temperature during the date of travel. Pets are not accepted once temperatures exceed 85 degrees at either the departure or arrival location.

In addition, the following information is required for most commercial flights: an original health certificate less than nine days old at the time of flight, rabies certificate/vaccination, shot must be at least 30 days but no more than a year old, two copies of orders and a complete contact address and phone number at destination.

Bottom line, don't put off preparing pets for a PCS, as the pets may be just as much a part of the family. Provide ample time to get the pet's paperwork in order to ensure a smooth move overseas.

For more information, contact the Traffic Management Office at 452-6661 or 06565-61-6661.
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