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7 Sabers Selected for Chief Master Sgt.

Air Force officials selected 530 senior master sergeants for promotion to chief master sergeant of the 2,529 eligible in the 19E9 promotion cycle. The promotion list will post Nov. 25, 2019. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Kat Bailey)


Congratulations to the 7 Saber Chief Master Sergeant Selects! Of 2,529 eligible airmen, 530 were selected resulting in a 20.96% selection rate.

The following individuals were selected for the rank of CMSgt:

SMSgt Javier Gonzalez – Line #78, 701st MUNITIONS SUPPORT SQUADRON

SMSgt Corey Reese – Line #112, 52nd CIVIL ENGINEER SQUADRON (recently PCS’d)

SMSgt Edward Rodriguez – Line #165, 726th AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE SQUADRON

SMSgt Daniel Hook – Line #185, 52nd MAINTENANCE GROUP

SMSgt Amber Person – Line #332 – 552nd AIR CONTROL WING (PCSing to 52nd FIGHTER WING)

SMSgt Joseph Hicks – Line #367, 52nd MAINTENANCE SQUADRON

SMSgt Jason Harper – Line #385, 52nd OPERATIONAL SUPPORT SQUADRON