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Pitsenbarger ALS Class 19-A Graduation

U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Dylan Fisher, 52nd Maintenance Squadron, receives the John L. Levitow during the Pitsenbarger Airman Leadership School 19-A graduation at Club Eifel on Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, November 29, 2018. The Levitow award is the highest honor given to the student who displays excellence in all categories of ALS. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kyle Cope)


Airman Leadership School is a five week-long Air Force program designed to develop Airmen into effective front-line supervisors. It is the first Professional Military Education that enlisted Air Force members encounter.

Congratulations to the 48 graduates and award winners of Pitsenbarger Airman Leadership School Class 19-A:

The John L. Levitow Award:

SrA Dylan Fischer, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Academic Award:

SSgt Sebastian Henry, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Leadership Award:

SrA Brianna Diamond, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

Distinguished Graduates:

SSgt Sebastian Henry, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

SrA Brianna Diamond, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

SrA Carla Gonzalez, 52nd Medical Operations

SrA Melany Perez, 470th Air Base Squadron


SSgt Joesph Alcantar, 52nd Security Forces Squadron                                                      

SrA Alexander Barton, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron                                                       

SrA Lawanda Basile, 726th Air Mobility Squadron                                                             

SrA Trenton Beard, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron                                                  

SrA Raynard Billy, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron                                                     

SrA Gary Boggs-Herbert, American Forces Network Spangdahlem                                                             

SrA Lindy Burbank, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron                                                              

SrA Ivan Carrasquillo, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                                         

SSgt Alex Contreras, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron                                               

SrA Paul Delgado, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                                

SrA Brianna Diamond, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                                        

SrA Noah Dillard, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe’s Security Detachment

SrA Daniela Diosdado Fuentes, 52nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron                                        

SrA Nathan Eckert, American Forces Network Spangdahlem                                                        

SrA Dylan Fischer, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                                

SSgt Bradley Fisher, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron                                               

SrA Jacob Fitzgerald, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron                                                          

SrA Benjamin Fredette, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                                     

SrA Mark Gabriel Valenzuela, 52nd Medical Operations Squadron                                             

SrA Jordan Gilchrist, 726th Air Mobility Squadron                                                             

SrA Carla Gonzalez, 52nd Medical Operations Squadron                                                

SrA Cherish Hall, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                                  

SrA Aaron Heckman, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                                          

SrA Henry Helton, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron                                                    

SSgt Sebastain Henry, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron                                                        

SrA Gina Herringer, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                                             

SrA Marsh Hopkins, 52nd Contracting Squadron                                                                

SrA Nakita Jaramillo, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                                          

SrA Shon Jones, 52nd Maintenance Group                                                                           

SrA Nicholas King, 52nd Operations Support Squadron                                                   

SrA Stephen Mass, 52nd Security Forces Squadron                                                           

SSgt Alexander Masters, 701st Munitions Support Squadron                                                       

SrA Ephraim Merritt, 52nd Operations Support Squadron                                                             

SrA Louis Meyer, 52nd Force Support Squadron                                                

SrA Austin Neer, 52nd Force Support Squadron                                                 

SSgt Ciera Owens, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron                                                

SrA Patrick Pearson, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron                                                              

SrA Melany Perez, 470th Air Base Squadron                                                        

SrA Joel Ramos Alva, 52nd Maintenance Squadron                                                          

SrA Courtney Reedy, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron                                               

SrA Samuel Reta, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron                                                      

SrA Mikaelah Rickard, 52nd Medical Support Squadron                                                  

SrA Robert Ruiz, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron                                                        

SrA Stephanie Stewart, 52nd Security Forces Squadron                                                  

SrA Yuri Walsh, 52nd Security Forces Squadron                                                 

SrA Mason Weisser, 52nd Civil Engineering Squadron                                                     

SrA Kolton Whitlock, 701st Munitions Support Squadron                                               

SrA Kyle Williams, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron    


Pictures from the event can be seen at Spagdahlem’s Flickr Page.