Saber contracting office wins Air Force award

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  • 52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 52nd Contracting Squadron won the Outstanding Operational Contracting Unit Award during the Fiscal Year 2017 Air Force Contracting Annual Awards.

In 2017, out of approximately 190 team and individual nomination packages submitted through major command channels, the Deputy assistant Secretary's contracting office received Air Force Contracting's best packages and chose just 27 winners. Othe those 27 winners, the 52nd CONS took home the Air Force's best operational contracting unit award in the small unit category.

“It took a lot of hard work, time, effort, teamwork, and people outside the squadron to win this award,” said Master Sgt. Mario Hairston, 52nd CONS superintendent. “Success doesn’t happen with individuals by themselves, but it happens as a team.”

These awards set the standards for excellence and professionalism for Air Force contracting squadrons, and require strong mission support and a good understanding of what is being supported, said Hairston.

The 52nd CONS makes innovation a priority. Contracting professionals come together and think of ways to do things better, said Hairston. They work with different career fields, such as the Comptroller and Civil Engineer Squadrons, to help find ways to improve process information and deliver what a mission partner needs as fast as possible.

“We went into the year with the vision to be the best contracting squadron in the United States Air Forces in Europe major command,” Hairston said. “It feels good to set a goal and meet that vision. The best part of this award isn’t just winning, but watching the smiles and excitement of everyone in the squadron come out. This shows me we did it right.”