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Sabers Selected for Promotion

Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany --

Congratulations to the 52nd Fighter Wing Airmen selected for promotion this week. Five majors were selected to the rank of lieutenant colonel May 23, 2017, and 83 technical sergeants were selected to the rank of master sergeant May 24, 2017.

Lieutenant colonel selects

- Patrick Kennedy, 52nd Fighter Wing Advanced Programs

- Arron Tulick, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

- David Welt, 52nd Fighter Wing Director of Staff

- Ryan Wilmes, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

- Ross Dotzlaf, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron


Across the Air Force, line promotion rates for lieutenant colonel were as follows:

IPZ: 1438 considered, 1044 selected, 72.6% promotion rate

APZ: 1063 considered, 57 selected, 5.4% promotion rate

BPZ: 3564 considered, 122 selected, 3.4% promotion rate

Master sergeant selects

- Tristin Bailey, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

- Brian Ball, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Kyle Beck, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Randy Bedard, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

- Jon Beier, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

- Eric Bermudo, 470th Air Base Squadron

- Anthony Biecheler, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

- Jason Birge, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Felicia Blackwell, 52nd Medical Support Squadron

- Quinn Brandt, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

- Jacob Brooks, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- David Buchanan, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

- Jason Buchanan, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

- Katie Buus, 52nd Dental Squadron

- Elias Cardonamatos, 52nd Force Support Squadron

- Joseph Chaney, 52nd Force Support Squadron

- Solyn Chou, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

- Michael Clark, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

- Amanda Currier, 52nd Fighter Wing

- Troy Driz, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

- Byron Edwards, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Rebecca Edwards, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- David Ellestad, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Tamika Felder, 52nd Comptroller Squadron

- Marivic Fellores, 470th Air Base Squadron

- Justin Fenner, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Benjamin Fultz, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Matthew Fultz, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

- Rebecca Gaffney, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

- Paula Gannon, 52nd Medical Operations Squadron

- Jonathan Garrett, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Sean Green, 470th Air Base Squadron

- Kennon Hancock, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Alfonso Hay, 52nd Operations Group

- Willie Hayes, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

- Steven Horton, 704th Munitions Support Squadron

- Colin Hunt, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Joseph Jackson, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Jermaine James, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

- Kalin Jones, 52nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron

- Ryan Kenny, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Kevin Killoren, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

- Angela Klippenstein, 52nd Force Support Squadron

- Cody Krommenhoek, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Shane Kyles, 470th Air Base Squadron

- Daniel Leasher, 52nd Maintenance Group

- AC Antwan Lucas, 52nd Maintenance Group

- Emerald Manriquez, 52nd Medical Group

- Rafael Manriquez, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

- Brodrick Martin, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Brian Martinez, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Asa McCurdy, 52nd Munitions Maintenance Group

- Jordon McPherson, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

- Derrick Mills, 52nd Fighter Wing

- Matthew Mueller, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

- Charles Myers, 52nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron

- Justen Outlaw, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Darren Pautz, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Joshua Pectol, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Gabriel Perez, 52nd Medical Support Squadron

- Michael Petty, 52nd Maintenance Group

- Erika Reese, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

- Ronald Reyome, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

- Robert Rice, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

- Mathew Risser, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron 

- Jonathon Robertson, 52nd Fighter Wing

- Michael Roderick, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

- Gilbert Sanchez, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Jamie Sansom, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Michael Santos, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

- Timothy Schrock, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

- Candido Serrato, 52nd Operations Group  

- David Simmons, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

- David Simpson, 52nd Munitions Maintenance Group

- Les Stover, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

- Clinton Sweigart, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

- Alden Vasquez, 52nd Comptroller Squadron

- Ivanka Vrechkov, 701st Munitions Support Squadron

- Cory Wasinger, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

- Callie Welch, 52nd Maintenance Squadron

- Jimmy Welch, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

- Kirk Williams, 52nd Force Support Squadron

- Jacob Worthen, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Air Force wide, officials selected 5,166 of 20,169 eligible technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant for a selection rate of 25.61 percent.