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U.S. Air Forces in Europe, with headquarters at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, is a major command of the U.S. Air Force. It is also the air component of the U.S. European Command, a Department of Defense unified command.
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Furnishings Management Office

Planning what furniture to move to Spangdahlem

People moving to Spangdahlem AB on either accompanied or unaccompanied tours are authorized to ship their full weight allowance. Knowing that you are entitled to Full-JFTR is very important. With this entitlement, government furniture support is on a loaner-basis only. The government is responsible for providing you with sufficient furniture items to allow you to move into quarters while waiting for your household goods.

Loaner kits consist of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. When you are ready to PCS, the same loaner kits are available to allow you to ship your household goods in plenty of time to meet you at your next destination. Whether you will be living on the economy or in government housing, furnishings management will provide appliances, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets to you for your entire tour.

Members will be issued authorized furnishings to meet local housing conditions and family composition. While every attempt is made to meet a member's preference, furnishing style and color are not always guaranteed. Furnishings are issued based on what is available in the warehouse at the time the request is processed. Please see your local transportation office for your entitlements as they vary with grade.

Closet Space
On-base housing offers closets in bedrooms and some hallways, however, this is not the norm off base. The 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron Furnishings Management Section can furnish you with wardrobes in these instances.

Housing styles and sizes can be different in foreign locations. In some cases, not all of a member's personal furniture will fit inside the on-base or off-base housing units. Members should review common room dimensions for housing units they may be interested in to decide which personal furniture will fit prior to shipping all household goods. Please note that temporary storage facilities may not be available in all foreign locations.

Members will be given a briefing by the HMO about their entitlements and how to set up delivery of temporary and permanent furnishings upon arrival.

Major Appliances
Military and DoD civilian's are not authorized to ship personally owned major appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, washers, dryers and microwaves. These appliances will be provided by our office. In most cases major appliances from the U.S. will not work in overseas locations. As such, major appliances are permanently assigned to each on-base housing unit and are also available for off-base housing units.

Temporary Furniture Loaner Kits
Temporary furniture loaner kits are available to members in PCS status for up to 90 days after arrival and 90 days prior to departure. Loaner kits consist of furniture items that enable you to move into your new housing while awaiting the delivery of household goods.

Additional information will be provided by the Furnishings Management Office upon securing housing.

Furnishings Available at Maximum Authorization
Loaner Kit:

- Full Bed (1 per accompanied sponsor)
- Single Bed (per child or additional dependent or unaccompanied adult)
- Chest Drawer (1 per bedroom, 1 per unaccompanied individual)
- Night Table
- Dining Table
- Dining Chair (1 per family member)
- Sofa (1 each)
- Easy Chair (2 each)
- Coffee Table (1 each)
- End Table (2 each)
- Floor Lamp (1 each)
- Table Lamp (2 each and/or 1 per night table)

Duration of Tour Items:
- Dryer Electric (1 each)
- Washer Electric (1 each)
- Refrigerator (1 each)
- Range Electric (1 each)
- Microwave (1 each, based upon availability)
- Wardrobes (2 per sponsor, 2 per spouse/1 per dependent)
- Transformer (2 each)
- Kitchen Cabinets (1 each or 2 total)
- Fire Extinguisher (optional)

Government Furniture Delivery
The FMS and 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron Transportation Management Office work together to coordinate the delivery and pickup of each member's government and personal household goods. Members are authorized a one-time delivery and pickup of government furnishings. Members can also pickup or turn in extra items as long as authorization is not exceeded.

Members must be present at the scheduled date and time of delivery or pickup. Customers who miss appointments without prior approval will be rescheduled at the convenience of the FMS. Appointments will be scheduled at the earliest date possible.

52nd Fighter Wing

52nd Fighter Wing shield

Mission: Deliver Airpower options to deter and combat aggression.

The 52nd FW maintains, deploys and employs F-16CM Fighting Falcons in support of NATO and the national defense directives.

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Wing History

Base history

   Spangdahlem AB and the 52nd Fighter Wing have a rich history. The wing has seen many people and aircraft come and go throughout the years, but one thing remains the same. The 52nd has always been prepared to SEEK ATTACK DESTROY.

Complete History


   The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a compact, multi-role fighter aircraft. It is highly maneuverable and has proven itself in air-to-air combat and air-to-surface attack. It provides a relatively low-cost, high-performance weapon system for the United States and allied nations.

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Base Personnel

The Public Affairs office is unable to redirect calls or provide phone numbers. If searching for a phone number on base, call the base operator.

Calling from CONUS:
Comm: 011-49-6565-61-1110
DSN: 314-452-1110

Calling from Germany:
Comm: 06565-61-1110
DSN: 314-452-1110