76 Saber master sergeant-selects congratulated

Congratulations to our newest master sergeants.

Congratulations to our newest master sergeants.


Congratulations to the following 76 52nd Fighter Wing technical sergeants selected for promotion to the rank of master sergeant May 25, 2016. The Air Force elevated 5,019 out of a pool of 21,504 eligible technical sergeants to join the senior NCO tier, representing a 23.34 percent selection rate.

"Please join me in congratulating these outstanding Airmen and their families on this great accomplishment," said U.S. Air Force Col. Joe McFall, 52nd FW commander. "As you join the senior non-commissioned officer corps, I have full faith that you'll continue to serve expertly and honorably. Lead our Airmen proudly and equip them with all they need to succeed as you have."

Master sergeant-selects

  Nelson Almeida, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

  Randon Angell, 52nd Medical Operations Squadron


  Ricardo Bachelor, 372nd Training Squadron, Detachment 17

  Alaina Baldowski, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

  Mark Bashaw, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Maryline Bergmann, 470th Air Base Squadron

  Jeremy Bixel, 52nd Fighter Wing/Command Post


  Andrew Bowman, 726th Air Mobility Squadron


  Christopher Browne, 372nd Training Squadron, Detachment 17

  David Burgos, 470th Air Base Squadron


  Jason Burns, 726th Air Mobility Squadron


  Brian Chadwell, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

  Philip Cook, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Jeffrey Crider, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron

  Natalie Davis, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

  Gregory Day, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Graham De La Garza, 470th Air Base Squadron

  Justin Dixon, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

  Clarence Fang, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

  Brandon Fenner, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron

  Victoria Flores, 470th Air Base Squadron

  Kevin Fouty, 470th Air Base Squadron

  Rafael Gabriel, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron

  Matthew Hare, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Benjamin Hill, 52nd Fighter Wing/Safety

  William Hirner, 52nd Munitions Maintenance Group

  Willard Hughes, 470th Air Base Squadron

  Marcie Ireland, 52nd Force Support Squadron

  Erik Kalanquin, 606th Air Control Squadron

  Lawrence Kelsey, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

  James Kulpa, 52nd Fighter Wing/Safety

  Monica Lampano, 470th Air Base Squadron

  Darl Lanning, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

  John Long, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

  Michelle Looney, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

  David Luce, 52nd Medical Support Squadron

  Thomas Lynch, 606th Air Control Squadron

  Elijah MacLaren, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

  Robert McMillen, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

  Lynette Mitchell, 52nd Comptroller Squadron

  John Morgan, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Jeffrey Morris, 52nd Munitions Maintenance Group

  Salazar Navarro, 470th Air Base Squadron

  Gerald Null, 52nd Operations Support Squadron

  Kenneth Orozco, 52nd Component Maintenance Squadron

  Christopher Petrus, 52nd Munitions Maintenance Group

  Russell Poole, 470th Air Base Squadron

  Kelee Portee, 52nd Medical Support Squadron

  Matthew Price, 701stst Munitions Support Squadron

  Christopher Pridmore, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

  Mario Rainge, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Brian Redenbaugh, 52nd Security Forces Squadron

  Earlene Rice, 52nd Fighter Wing/Protocol

  Brian Richardson, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Aaron Roberts, 52nd Medical Operations Squadron

  Bernaby Rodriguez, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Mark Romera, 52nd Medical Support Squadron

  Jerry Rosario, 52nd Component Maintenance Squadron

  Mircea Rosculet, 470th Air Base Squadron

  Derrik Ross, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Quentin Runyan, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

  Marcus Sandvik, 52nd Maintenance Group

  Matthew Sansosti, 52nd Component Maintenance Squadron

  Karl Schnoes, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Arthur Scruggs, 701stst Munitions Support Squadron

  Rhonnell Singleton, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

  Beverly Smith, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

  Garrick Steber, 52nd Operations Support Squadron


  Jeffrey Taylor, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

  Chanel Thacker, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron

  Matthew Tirrell, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

  Erica Tolliver, 701stst Munitions Support Squadron

  Michael Tooke, 52nd Communications Squadron

  Jason Tremmel, 52nd Maintenance Group

  Reinhard Valleau, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

  Eeshjunn Walker, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron