SSEMC gives back to the community through Commissary Sweep

SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany - -- Under the glaring hot fluorescent lights, a competitive spirit could be felt throughout the playing field. This became the atmosphere of the 2015 Commissary Sweep.

"The commissary sweep is kind of like a game show that we host," said Chanda Haney, Spangdahlem Spouse Enlisted Members Club president. "It's sort of like another game show called super market sweep."

Chosen randomly from a hat during the deployed family member Thanksgiving dinner, the participants were picked from five different categories. Haney said the categories were unaccompanied single Airman, accompanied Airman, accompanied Airman with one-two kids, unaccompanied Airman with three or more, and SSEMC members.

Like most game shows, the commissary sweep consisted of the contestants participating in different rounds.  In the first round they guessed the prices of different groceries inside various themed baskets.  In the second round they solved a riddle and in the third and final round things got interesting. During the third round, the participants were given 25 minutes to shop for groceries using the allotted money they earned from the previous rounds, while also solving different riddles. Finally, the winner was decided by how close they came to their budgeted money. Though there was only one overall winner, every participant got to Keeps their groceries and prizes.

Haney said this competition provided a win not only for the lucky contestant, but also the community through the funds earned from the Spring Bazaar.

"The commissary sweep is a great way to give back to our community while having fun," said Haney. "It brings everybody together from the local community to SSEMC members." 

For more photos of the event check out our Flickr page here.