Pitsenbarger ALS class 16-C graduates

SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany -- Congratulations to the following senior airmen of Class 16-C who graduated from the Pitsenbarger Airman Leadership School at Club Eifel on base March 24, 2016.

John L. Levitow Award
Nathan Davis, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron

Academic Achievement Award
Zachery Evans, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Commandants Award
Revik Walker, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron

Distinguished Graduates
Brandon Bradow, 52nd Security Forces Squadron
Nathan Davis, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron
Zachery Evans, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron
Kyle Irr, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron
Kathleen Willcockson, 52nd Dental Squadron

Ian Adams, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron
Trevor Alder, 52nd Component Maintenance Squadron
Andrew Anderson, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron
Zachary Anderson, 52nd Operations Support Squadron
Steve Atkins Jr., 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Gary Bonnas, 52nd Operations Support Squadron
Daniel Brown, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Geon Butler Jr., 52nd Communications Squadron
Daniel Carroll, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron
Tyrail Carter, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Scott Chance, 703rd Munitions Support Squadron
Miguel Dietrich Jr., 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Ryan Dunn, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Joseph Ebersohl, 701st Munitions Support Squadron
Scott Flanagan, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Taylor Frey, 52nd Force Support Squadron
Cassandra Hackley, 52nd Security Forces Squadron
David Hansen, 726th Air Mobility Squadron
Ryan Holmstrom, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
John Holt IV, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron
William Hopkins, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron
Dartavion Jones, 606th Air Control Squadron
Jose Martinez, 52nd Security Forces Squadron
Tyler Masterson, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron
Christopher Medford, 52nd Security Forces Squadron
Pablo Merel, 606th Air Control Squadron
Damain Moore, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron
Harry Musser, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
Sarah Neal, 52nd Communications Squadron
Gregory Nelson II, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Stephen O'Hare, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Amanda Olmos, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
Eddy Ramirez, 52nd Security Forces Squadron
Elizabeth Ramos, 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron
Jonathan Rivera, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Charlotte Roposh, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Kyle Sanders, 726th Air Mobility Squadron
Anthony Saviano III, 52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Christian Schulte, 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron
Vincent Smith, 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Michael Smith, 606th Air Control Squadron
Wandell Somerville, 52nd Operations Support Squadron
Mike Tarcau, 52nd Security Forces Squadron
Revik Walker, 702nd Munitions Support Squadron
Lawrence Westmoreland, 52nd Comptroller Squadron
Christianjoy White, 52nd Maintenance Operations Squadron
Lilyanne Williams, 726th Air Mobility Squadron

To see more photos from the ceremony, visit the following photo album on the Spangdahlem Flickr page.