Be vigilant during Wittlich Pig Fest

SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany -- The Wittlich Saeubrennerkirmes, or pig festival, is this weekend, and many Sabers and their families will head out to enjoy this unique German festival.

Demonstrators will also be on hand to protest the slaughtering of animals for the meat industry.

"Save Animals" is planning a demonstration for 3 p.m. Aug. 15., the same time the town is scheduled to have its parade to celebrate Saeubrennerkirmes.

According to the 52nd Fighter Wing Anti-terrorism Office, Save Animals is a non-violent organization that campaigns for animal rights and the abolition of all animal exploitation.

"The organizers of this demonstration are known to local polizei as having protested peacefully in the past; however, it should be kept in mind there is always a chance for violence during a demonstration," said Master Sgt. Sam Miller, anti-terrorism officer. "Again, the organizers are protesting against the meat industry."

People attending the fest should be aware there could be confrontations between the demonstrators and the local polizei. If Sabers or their family members come across one of these confrontations, get away from it and find a safe area, advises the AT office.

Should you see suspicious activity during the fest and local authorities are not around, call the local authorities at 06571-9260 or the 52nd Security Forces Squadron Law Enforcement Desk at 0656561-6666.

Other precautions Sabers can take to protect themselves during this fest or while traveling and living in Europe include letting someone know where they're going, how long they'll be gone, and giving someone a cell phone number where they can be reached. Sabers should wear conservative clothing that doesn't identify them as a U.S. servicemember or an American, know emergency phone numbers for the area they'll be visiting, and locate safe areas like police stations and hospitals. Sabers need to be aware of their surroundings and should avoid large, potentially hostile crowds.