AFN Spangdahlem: Getting a new location, equipment

SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany -- American Forces Network Spangdahlem was recently given $166,000 of new equipment from Defense Media Activity including high definition television studio equipment, cameras and HD decoders for AFN television services.

AFN Spangdahlem is currently located at Bitburg Annex and the equipment received will soon replace older equipment when AFN moves into its building at Spangdahlem Air Base that is currently under renovation. The renovation is currently scheduled to be completion by June 30.

"We're moving over to Spangdahlem due to the upcoming closure of Bitburg (Annex). The 52nd Fighter Wing found us a building we could utilize on Spangdahlem and funded a $1.7 million renovation so the building will have all the capabilities and requirements that we need to operate," Master Sgt. Clifton King, AFN Spangdahlem broadcast maintenance manager, said.

Right now sections of the equipment are being assembled from the ground up so when the move takes place, AFN Spangdahlem will be operational faster.
"We're saving ourselves a considerable amount of time by doing it this way," Staff Sgt. Modesto Alcala, AFN Spangdahlem broadcast maintenance supervisor, said.
The new equipment will also be high definition capable for AFN Spangdahlem TV services in the next two to three years.
"AFN Spangdahlem (and DMA are) always striving to continuously improve the equipment and the services we have to provide command information and entertainment to the troops not only in the local community but all around the world," Master Sgt. King, said. "Our goal is for our audience to receive the same standards of TV and radio they would get if they were stationed in the states as a civilian or in the military."

The newly issued equipment will also better provide entertainment to troops downrange.

"I just came back from (downrange) and the best feeling for me was going out to a small unit to where there's maybe 20 Army troops and setting up a satellite dish so they can watch one of their favorite college football teams, and it's a good feeling to be able to set up that capability for them," Senior Airman Joseph Richard, AFN Spangdahlem broadcast maintenance technician, said.