FSS enhances support for people taking PT test

SPANGDAHELM AIR BASE, Germany -- In a continual effort to provide enhanced support and maximize everyone's time and resources, the 52nd Force Support Squadron is implementing a change to the schedule previously used to reserve Fitness Assessment times.

The new schedule is 8 and 9:30 a.m. and 1 and 3 p.m., and all four fitness assessment cell members will work simultaneously to provide the assessments. Only 28 people will be allowed to sign up for their fitness tests in each block. The number of assessments available will not change per time slot. The schedule change is to better use current resources and staffing within the FAC.

Since the test is divided into sections, the process operates more smoothly if all four FAC members can focus on each component simultaneously - for example three measuring waist circumference and one recording. On days where fewer people are scheduled to test, a FAC member can load test scores, process forms and prepare metrics for U.S. Air Forces in Europe. This will also limit mission impact if FAC members are unavailable because efforts have been consolidated.

On a related topic, as of March 1, The 52nd FSS is averaging PT 25 tests per day, and the maximum capacity is 112 before using any fitness staff or physical training leaders to assist with the testing is required. Airmen are encouraged to test early because squadrons will not have as much scheduling flexibility and the weather is warming up.

For more information, call Capt. David Wilson at DSN 452-7900.