Revised questionnaire clarifies fitness test risks

SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany -- Spangdahlem Air Base added a statement of understanding to the fitness screening questionnaire to help ensure Airmen know the risks of taking the physical training evaluation while sick or injured.

The changes were suggested recently by the U.S. Air Forces in Europe fitness staff to clarify the risks and consequences of taking the fitness evaluation when not medically ready or capable.

"(The USAFE fitness staff) is trying to look out for the Airmen by making them more aware that once they complete the evaluation there is not much you can do to change the scores without going through a long process," said Jennifer Phillips, 52nd Force Support Squadron fitness assessment lead.

Airmen who do not tell a fitness assessment cell member of sickness or injury before completing the evaluation will have their scores recorded regardless of results. After the scores are recorded, they can only be altered by contacting the Air Force Board for the Correction of Military Records.

One of the updates to the questionnaire states, "If at any time during testing you become injured and believe the injury will impact your performance stop immediately, inform the (physical training leader)/FAC staff and seek medical attention. Failure to do so will likely result in your completed test score being declared valid." All Airmen are required to read and initial the statement prior to the evaluation to show acknowledgement of the risks involved.

The updated statement of understanding is intended to improve the success of Airmen taking the evaluation by reminding them they do not have to test if they are sick or injured. If an individual is sick or injured they are urged to reschedule their evaluation date and seek necessary medical care or advice.

Master Sgt. Hugh Watson, 52nd FSS fitness section chief, said the statement of understanding was necessary due to Airmen completing the fitness evaluation with unsatisfactory scores and complaints of illness or injury during the test. The changes were added to help Airmen realize the importance of letting a member of the fitness assessment cell know they are sick or injured before beginning or completing the evaluation.

"If an Airman shows up for their test sick or injured, the questionnaire states in black and white; if you are not well today, then you need to let someone know," said Watson.
Airmen can get the new fitness screening questionnaire from their unit fitness program manager prior to their test date.

For more information, call the 52nd FSS fitness director at DSN 452-6634 or 06565-61-6634.