Super Saber Performer


: Staff Sgt. Deborah Silverthorne

Unit: 52nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Duty title: NCO in charge, Eifel Pride

Hometown: Norfolk, Va.

Years in Service: Four years

Why joined: I joined for the educational benefits to finish my bachelor's degree and for the traveling opportunities.

Family: I have four brothers and six sisters, not all biological.

Hobbies: Playing sports, mainly tennis and volleyball; traveling; working out and snowboarding.

Favorite aspect of job
: The feeling of accomplishment after pouring so many hours into a project and getting great results from your efforts.

Most memorable Air Force experience: I have so many great Air Force experiences, but my favorite is my first deployment to the Kingdom of Bahrain. I was able to leave base and experience the Middle Eastern culture.

How do you make responsible choices: My mom raised me to make responsible choices. I just think about how I don't want to destroy my Air Force career before I make a decision that would hurt it. That means when I go out, I always have a plan and a back-up plan. Also, when I see someone else about to make a bad choice, I try to intervene and make them think about the consequences of their decisions. If something happened to them, I wouldn't want to feel guilty because I could have stopped them and helped them.