Make it happen, Airmen

  • Published
  • By Gen. Frank Gorenc
  • USAFE-AFAFRICA commander
Airmen are no strangers to change. Our Air Force was born from change after an exhausting world war when nations were recovering and healing emotionally, physically and financially.

The decades following World War II brought us numerous changes: hot and cold wars, technological and aerospace advancements, and manpower ups and downs. Like some of you, I've experienced many of these changes in my 34 years as an Airman.

Today, US Air Forces in Europe - Air Forces Africa continues the attack on America's enemies despite extreme fiscal uncertainty. While this is another chapter in our storied existence, I realize many Airmen today have never experienced change of this magnitude.

My experience has taught me that when we face seemingly unprecedented obstacles, Airmen always rise to the challenge. We overcome because our leadership is rock-solid and our people are innovative and extremely competent. I'm a true believer in that now more than ever, as we face uncertainty and a troubled world, the most important thing we can do is grow and nurture our leaders.

Leaders of all rank balance the needs of the Air Force and our Airmen, offer vision, improve processes, execute the mission with a steadfast moral compass and never, ever compromise integrity. Leaders mentor future leaders. With strong leadership, Airmen make things better.

As we navigate our way through 2013 and beyond, I am confident USAFE-AFAFRICA Airmen will make it happen no matter what we are the firm foundation of this command.

Continue to trust your leadership, respect your peers and mentor fellow Airmen.

I have no doubt we will face even greater obstacles in Europe, Africa and around the world. But with leaders like you, I am optimistic about what we can accomplish for our great nation, and our European and African partners.

As I said at my assumption of command, this opportunity is a dream come true and I am thrilled to be your commander. For such a time as this, I know this is where I belong. We are USAFE-AFAFRICA. Together, we are responsive decisive airpower and together we can overcome every change and challenge. Let's make it happen, Airmen.