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 Base Agencies

What is the Civil Air Patrol and how do I get involved?

Civil Air Patrol is the volunteer auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. Its mission at Spangdahlem is to develop young people into responsible citizens and become tomorrow's aerospace leaders. 

The leadership, self-confidence, and discipline cadets gain through CAP prepares them to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves in life. Locally, cadets progress through achievements that include education on leadership, aerospace, ethics and physical fitness. 

The most experienced cadets learn to organize the cadet program under the mentorship of adult volunteers. Adults administer the program, provide mentorship and serve as instructors. 

Meetings are held every Thursday at 6 p.m. on the third floor of Building 139, Spangdahlem Air Base.

To contact CAP, call during meetings at DSN 452-9120 or e-mail


When can I go to mass on base?


Protestant Traditional Service
10:30 a.m. Sunday

Protestant Gospel Service
Noon Sunday . 

Protestant Korean Service
Noon Sunday
Bldg. 136

Protestant Contemporary Service
4 p.m. Sundays 

Protestant Religious Education 
5:45 p.m. dinner
6:30 p.m. study

Catholic Mass
9 a.m. Sunday

Catholic Religious Education
10:15 a.m. 
Bldg. 136 and Coffee Mill, Sundays

6 p.m. Sunday
This class starts Nov. 29.

Catholic Daily Mass
11:45 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Islamic Services 
For information call the lay leader at DSN 452-6711.

Jewish Services
For information call Rabbi Bram at Ramstein Air Base at DSN 480-5570.

If you have any further questions or need additional information, call DSN 452-6711.


When is the Red Cross open?

The American Red Cross at Spangdahlem is open 8 a.m. - 4 :30 p.m. daily. For more information, e-mail


Where is the retiree activities office?

The Retiree Activities Office is in Bldg. 2001, room 228, in the French Kaserne. Operating hours  are 11 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Fridays and by appointment. The RAO acts as a liaison between the Air Force and retired Air Force members, helps active-duty servicmembers transition to retired status, assists retirees with issues and lobbies in Congress. 

For more information call retired Tech. Sgt. Gary Hackl DSN 452-9013 or 452-9491, or e-mail 52fw/

Mailing address: 
Unit 3680, Box 190
APO AE 09126-0190

Retirees who would like to receive updates on Retirees issues, send your e-mail address to the e-mail listed above. 

Volunteers are also needed to help run the RAO.
 Child Care

What sort of child care is available here?

Child and Teen Services Overview 
A full of array of programs are offered at both Spangdahlem and the Bitburg Annex. We have two Child Development Centers (CDC) as well as 2 American Youth Activity (AYA) Centers. Spangdahlem and Bitburg programs mirror each other so that all of the children of the Spangdahlem Community can reap the benefits. Once the family has become "members" of the CDC and/or AYA, the membership carries all through USAFE centers. 

Child Care Programs on the Installation 
Due to the lack of off-base child care facilities, it is highly recommended that you think about taking action on child care issues before PCSing to Spangdahlem. Both Child Development Centers and School Age Care programs have waiting lists. We encourage you to place your child/children on the appropriate waiting list as soon as possible. Spangdahlem AB also has a Family Day Care (FDC) program that strives to meet the diverse needs of the military community. 

Child Care Programs in the Community 
Child Care off base is normally through a private contract with an individual. No formal community programs outside of base/government-leased housing exist at Spangdahlem. 

Spangdahlem and Bitburg's Elementary, Middle, and High School are part of the DODEA, Brussels District. These schools have been fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. 

The school population consists primarily of dependents of American Military and DoD civilians. There are a few tuition paying pupils who enroll on a space available basis. Many students have a foreign born parent and are bilingual. 

For more information please refer to the section "Public and DODDS Schools" under the Education category or visit their website 

School Age Care 
This program is for children from 6 to 12 years old, with either before school care, after school care or both available. Summer brings full day programs for the children where they are involved in many activities such as trips to visit castles, zoos, parks and swimming pools in the German community. When not taking trips programs that keep the kids busy include arts and crafts, reading and math centers, sports and fitness, and walking to nearby parks. There is also an outdoor basketball court and several baseball fields to allow the kids to exercise and enjoy the nice weather. The School Age Care Program is open Monday-Friday from 0630 to 1800. Hourly care is provided on a space available basis. 

Religious Programs 
The chapel offers a variety of programs for children and teens. These groups are assembled based on interest so sign up and create the interest! Base chapel programs include: Protestant Youth of The Chapel, Catholic Youth of The Chapel, Bible Study Groups/Religious Education, Sunday Schools/CCD, Young Life Groups, Teen Bible Study, Gospel Youth Choir, and AWANAS. For specific information on any of the programs listed, please call the Spangdahlem Chapel at DSN 452-6711. 

Things to Do (Clubs and Social Life) 
There are many organizations on base and in the community for children to get involved with. The AYA is the best and most centralized source for them to learn what is available. The Chapel, Services, Red Cross and their school are other sources to assist your kids in settling into their new home. 

To get them excited to come to Spangdahlem, go to your Family Support Center and ask the Relocation folks to request a sponsor for your child/children or contact the Spangdahlem Youth Programs Flight directly at DSN 452-6238. 

Things to Do (Recreation and Sports) 
See the DoDEA Schools, Eifel Youth Programs, Information Tickets and Tours office (ITT), Community Activity Center, Private clubs and Organizations, and Recreational Opportunities Categories. 

Special Events 
The Eifel Youth Programs, Chapel, Information, Tours and Tickets office and schools all sponsor activities throughout the year. See Local Community Information for more about what's available for the entire family. 

Youth Centers 
Spangdahlem Youth Programs supports children and teens with a variety of activities, programs and sports. There are American Youth Activity centers (AYA's) at both Spangdahlem and the Bitburg Annex. They offer programs and services to children 5 years through 18 years of age to include a pre-teen, teen, and school age care programs. Instructional classes are also available for the kids including gymnastics, dance, and Tae Kwon Do. 

There are movie theaters at both Spangdahlem and the Bitburg Annex with two different movies showing on Friday and Saturdays. If videos are your thing, there are four different video rental facilities on base and the Bitburg Annex.

Point of Contact
Child Development Center
Call 452-6697 
 Continuing Education

What opportunities for continuing education are available here?

The programs currently offered through the base education center were selected to meet the demands of the military population. On an annual basis, a needs assessment is conducted to evaluate the continuing requirement for these programs. In conjunction with Commanders' requests, available facilities, resources and other factors, decision are made to establish, remove or modify programs. New programs are implemented when a new requirement exits and the base education center can provide the requisite support.

Central Texas College 
52 MSS/DPE, Unit 3655 Box 65 (Bldg 131) APO AE 09126
Phone: 452-7554
FAX: 011-49-6565-7297
Proximity to site: On Spangdahlem
Tuition: Subject to Change. Please contact school.
Associates degrees in Criminal Justice, Fire Prevention and Emergency Medical Technician Professional.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 
52 MSS/DPE, Unit 3655 Box 120 (Bldg 131) APO AE 09126
Phone: 452-7553
FAX: 011-49-6565-7297
Proximity to site: On Spangdahlem
Tuition: subject to Change: Please contact school
AMP Licensing, Bachelors of Science in Professional Aeronautics and Technical Management, Masters of Aeronautical Science.

University of Maryland University College
52 MSS/DPE, Unit 3655 Box 65 (Bldg 192) APO AE 09126
Phone: 452-7552
Comm: 06565-61-7552
Building 129, room 208
Proximity to site: On Spangdahlem
Tuition: Subject to Change. Please contact school.
The University of Maryland offers Math and English refresher courses in addition to their degree programs. Several Associates and Bachelors degrees available, including in Computer Studies, Business Management, Early Childhood Development, Criminal Justice, and General Studies. Bachelors Degrees offered include Business Management, Computer Studies, Psychology, History, English, Information Systems Management, and German Studies. Masters degrees are also available in the commuting area.

University of Oklahoma 
Site Manager
52 MSS/DPF Unit 3655 Box 120 (Bldg 131) APO AE 09126
Phone: 452-7555
Proximity to site: On Spangdahlem
Tuition: Subject to Change. Please contact school.
Masters in Human Relations. Other degree program available in the commuting area to includes: International Relations and the PhD. in Organizational Leadership.

Spouse Tuition Assistance Program 
52 MSS/DPE, Unit 3655 Box 65 (Bldg 192) APO AE 09126
Phone: 452-6335
FAX: 011-49-6565-61-7768 or DSN: 452-7768
Proximity to site: On Spangdahlem
This program in coordination with the Air Force Aid Society provides partial tuition assistance for spouses of active duty airmen and officers attending on base programs.
 Medical Information

How can I find out what medications are available at the Spangdahlem pharmacy?

Below is the link to the 52nd Medical Group's online medication formulary that allows people to see what medications are stocked at the pharmacy:


What are medical need-to-know phone numbers?

Medical Emergencies: 
* Dial 117 (on base at Spangdahlem or Bitburg Annex) 
* Dial 112 (from off-base and all other locations) 

Dental Emergencies: 
* Dial 452-8333 or 06565-61-8333 (0700-1630 Mon-Fri) 
* Dial 452-8333 and select 2 OR dial 0170-922-6477 (After Duty Hours) 

Medical and Dental Appointments: 
* Dial 452-8333 or 06565-61-8333 (0700-1600 Mon-Fri) 
* TRICARE Online ( (24/7 - Medical Appointments Only) 

Pharmacy Refill Call-In: 
(Central European Automated Prescription Call-In System): 
* Dial 452-3301 or 06565-61-3301 
(Press 2, then 2 for Spangdahlem Pharmacy) 

Travel Medicine Consultation: 
(New Service: Pre-Travel Counseling) 
* Dial 452-8308 or 06565-61-8308 (0730-1630 Mon-Fri) 

TRICARE Europe Travel Emergencies: 
* Dial 0044-(0)20-8762-8133 (collect) for the International SOS Call Center 

TRICARE Europe Nurse Advice Line: 
* Dial 00800-4759-2330 (available 24/7) 

Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) and Flying Status Information: 
* Dial 452-8255 or 06565-61-8255 (0730-1630 Mon-Fri) 

The 52 MDG also offers Patient Liaison Officers to assist with Saber care at various host nation hospitals. PLOs may be contacted from 0800-2100 Mon-Fri and from 0900-1500 Sat-Sun at the following numbers: 

PLO Team Leader: 06561-69-3120 
Bitburg PLO Marienhausklinik: 06561-64-2460 
Wittlich PLO St. Elizabeth Krankenhaus: 06571-15-29221 
Trier PLO Klinikum "Mutterhaus" der Borromaerninnen: 0651-947-83355 
Trier PLO Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen "Bruederhaus:" 0651-208-2346 

For PLO assistance after hours, please contact the staff at the respective host nation hospital admissions office and they will connect you.


Where can I find information for local hospitals?

Marienhausklinik, Bitburg 
St. Elisabeth Krankenhaus, Wittlich
Klinikum Mutterhaus der Borromaerinnen, Trier 
Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Bruder, Trier

Welcome to Team Eifel! 

Spangdahlem Air Base, located near the small German town of Spangdahlem, consists of the main base and the Bitburg Annex, located approximately 20 minutes from the main base. Larger cities nearby include Bitburg and Trier. You will soon be in the Eifel enjoying German food, festivities and beautiful landscape. An added benefit of this USAFE assignment is the ability to travel in Europe and see sights that many people spend a lifetime just dreaming about. 

The Military Personnel Section (MPS) will ensure members and their families have the appropriate documents to enter the country. If you wish to travel while assigned in Europe, it is recommended (not mandatory) that you and your family acquire tourist passports (at your expense) before coming to Europe. Your tourist passport will ensure you can travel freely to ALL European countries. A no-fee passport or military ID will not allow entry into some European countries. Also, keep in mind that some airlines require passports for travel within Europe to countries where a passport is not normally necessary. 

Saber Intro
Saber Intro is a two-day customer program developed to streamline base inprocessing procedures. You will be scheduled for combat intro by MPS. 

Before your arrival, please take note of the following must know items. 
If you are within 60 days of leaving your installation and have not heard from your sponsor or have not received a sponsor package, please contact your Family Support Center and have them send an E-Mail message to the Relocation Assistance Program at Spangdahlem indicating your sponsorship problem. Be sure to give them your name, social security number, gaining unit, and RNLTD. You can also call the Spangdahlem Family Support Center at DSN 452-6422. 

Do Not Ship 
A washer, dryer, refrigerator or oven to Spangdahlem. These items are provided in base housing, and if off-base housing does not have these items the base will provide them. Also note that waterbeds are authorized in government housing units, however, they must be approved by a housing inspector to ensure the bed(s) meets approved weight standards. Should your waterbed cause any damage to the government housing unit (even if use of the bed was approved by an inspector), you will be responsible for repair costs. The purchase of renters insurance (or something comparable) is always highly encouraged. 

Do not Ship Firearms! HQ USAREUR has directed that service members will no longer be allowed to ship, transport or hand-carry privately owned firearms to Germany. This change is necessary to avoid the possibility of German criminal prosecution for unauthorized possession of weapons or the possibility of punishment under the UCMJ. 

Arrival Requirements 
Once you get to the base and get settled in temporary lodging or the dorm, you will need to go to your orderly room and be scheduled for in-processing. The MPS is located in Bldg 131, and can be reached by phone at 452-6554/5958. 

Mail Forwarding 
You can have your mail forwarded to the Spangdahlem or Bitburg Annex Post Office, depending on where you'll be working. Your sponsor can help you set up your PO Box prior your arrival. 

The Military Postal System provides most of the same services as the United States Postal System, but you may expect your mail to take a bit longer to be delivered because of the extra distance it must travel. Priority packages and letter-class mail arrive in approximately 8 days. Magazines and surface mail may take 30-35 days. Express mail service may be purchased for delivery to CONUS in 3 days. Delivery confirmation is not yet available at Air Force Post Offices. For complete guidance, please see USAFE Pamphlet 33-102. 

WICO (Women, Infants and Children Overseas) 
Is a program providing service to people assigned to Spangdahlem AB and Bitburg Annex. WICO provides supplemental foods, nutrition counseling and education, and health care referrals to qualified families. It is located in Bldg. 2002 on Bitburg. Phone # is DSN 452-9093. 

If information you are seeking is not presented in this forum, please contact your Family Support Center (FSC) or the Spangdahlem FSC. 

Point of Contact 
52nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs 
Com'l: 06565-61-6012, DSN: 452-6012
 Schools on Base

How do I contact or find resources for education opportunities on base?

Advanced Education
Colleges and Universities 

Back to School 
School Supplies 
Bus Safety
Parent/Student Handbook (Spangdahlem Elementary School) 

Spangdahlem Schools
Spanghdahlem Elementary School 
DSN: 452-6881 
Commercial: 06565-61-6881 
From the U.S.: 011-49-656-561-6881 

Spangdahlem Middle School 
DSN: 452-7205 
Commercial: 06565-61-7205 
From the U.S.: 011-49-6565-61-7205/7255 

Bitburg Schools
Bitburg High School 
DSN: 452-9337/9438 
Civilian: 06565-61-9337 
From U.S. dial: 011-49-6565-61-9337


What about Bitburg Elementary School?

Bitburg Elementary School 
Address: 52 MSG (Bldg 81) (Located in Bitburg Housing) 
City: APO 09126 
Phone: 452-9215 

Bitburg Elementary School offers classes for Sure Start to fourth grade. The school population hovers at approximately 300 students. Sure Start is DoDDs equivalent to the Head Start Pre-School Program offered in many state-side side communities. An Additional program is the Pre-School for Children with Disabilities (PSCD); this program is offered for handicapped students. The other classes are standard elementary school composition. Of interesting note is the availability of a multi-age "primary center" where students in grades one through three work together as an integrated class. Parents may choose the standard grade level or mixed-age depending on their preference. 

As well as the standard school curriculum, the following extracurricular events have taken place. (Availability is based upon the presence of interested and qualified faculty and volunteers.) We have offered: Puppet club, Spanish club, drama club, square dancing, geography club, and intramural sports (volleyball and basketball). The school has an annual Volksmarch (group hike) and numerous study trips occur throughout the school year. 


What about Bitburg High School?

Bitburg High School 
Address: 52 MSG (Bldg 98) 
City: APO 09126 
Phone: 452-9337/9202 

Wilkommen to Bitburg High School, Home of the Barons. Try to be active at Bitburg High School. Go out for teams, join clubs, get to know your teachers, talk to the administration, and work closely with the facility and administration. We encourage you to join us. 

Classes operate on a Block - 8 Schedule with ninety minute blocks of instruction and two ninety minute blocks for seminar twice a week which provides students with time needed to complete assigned work and projects; to complete required make-up test and assignments; to receive additional assistance and tutoring needed to reinforce learning; and time needed to engage in school wide programs and activities without having to sacrifice valuable class time 

Intrascholastic Athletic 

Volleyball Basketball Track 
Football Wrestling Soccer 
Cross-country Cheerleading Tennis 

Intramural Programs 
Flag football, tennis, cross-country, outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, basketball, badminton, whiffle ball, international handball, volleyball, track and field events, softball, floor hockey, and ping-pong. 

Student Activities 
Model United Nations, National Honor Society, Yearbook Staff, Cheerleaders, Model United States Senate, JROTC Drill Team, Outdoor Education Club, Homecoming Week, Junior-Senior Prom, and Student Council 

Graduation requirements: 26 units 


What about Bitburg Middle School?

Bitburg Middle School 
Address: 52 MSG (Bldg 60) 
City: APO 09126 
Phone: 452-9330/9310 

Proximity to site: At Bitburg Annex (10 miles from main base) 
Bitburg Middle School (BMS) is located in the middle of the Bitburg Housing Area and draws most of its students from the housing area. The remaining students come from the surrounding communities. 

BMS, grades 5 through 8, follows the middle level concept by offering a wide range of exploratory and elective classes. During their four years at BMS, students will have the opportunity to take Art, Music, Beginning and Advanced Band, Chorus, Computers, Technology Education, Business Enterprise, French, German, Host Nation, Physical Education, Home Economics, Video Production in addition to Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students with special needs are provided services by BMS staff and/or AFSEC staff. In addition, we have the services of a half-time nurse and a half-time counselor. 

This past year students have taken study trips to surrounding German communities as well as cities in France, England, Italy, and Russia. There are extensive after-school intramural programs in flag football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, floor hockey, and basketball. Each year a musical is performed in the spring. An evening dance is also held monthly. Participation in the above activities is open to all students. 


What about Spangdahlem Elementary School?

Spangdahlem Elementary School 
Address: 52 MSG (Bldg 439) 
City: APO 09126 
Phone: 452-6881 
Spangdahlem Elementary School (SES) for K-4, Sure Start and PSCD, is located on the East end of Spangdahlem Air Base in the base housing area. The school provides special services in pre-school developmental, counseling, health, learning disabilities, reading improvement, gifted and talented, English as a Second Language, speech therapy, music, art, host nation and physical education. 

In addition to your child's regular classroom teacher, the school is served by several other teachers who provide more specialized help including a school nurse, a reading improvement specialist, and counseling services. The school also has a media center, music program, art program, physical education, school-wide enrichment program, school resource team, child study committee, and child find. 

There are also many after-school activities for your child to be involved in throughout the school year including: Young Astronauts, Math Club, Chorus, Intramural sports, Drama Club, Creative Writing, and Art Club. 


What about Spangdahlem Middle School?

Spangdahlem Middle School 
Address: 52 MSG (Bldg 441) 
City: APO 09126 
Phone: 452-7205/7255 

The core classes for all students at Spangdahlem Middle School (SMS) are: Reading, English, Science, Math and Social Studies. Then, each student takes two elective classes from a group of classes that usually includes the following: Physical Education, Spanish, German, Home Economics, Art, Business Enterprise, Technical Education, Computer Studies, Host Nations, Band, Health and Chorus. In addition, we offer the following co-curricular programs: Drama, Intramural sports, Computer Club, National Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Odyssey of the Mind, Art Club, Student Council, After School Sports, Outdoor Education, and Future Homemaking. The school does go on assorted field trips. Our 8th graders have gone to Paris, Amsterdam, and our 6th graders have made several trips to London. These are in addition to other local study trips. 


What DoDDs schools are available here?


DoDDs operates schools at Spangdahlem and the Bitburg Annex with classes ranging from Sure Start through 12th grade. The elementary schools are for grades K-4, Sure Start and Pre-School for Children with Disabilities, the middle schools are for grades 5-8, and the high school is for grades 9-12 (located only at the Bitburg Annex.) 

The area you live in determines whether your child will attend Bitburg or Spangdahlem Elementary and Middle School since these grades are available at both the main base and the Bitburg Annex. Bus service is available for families with school-age children living on the local economy. 

When first arriving at Spangdahlem families are usually billeted in Temporary Lodging Facilities. We recommend that each family register their child(ren) in the school where they expect to live. School bus transportation is provided between most TLFs and Spangdahlem or Bitburg Schools. 

The DoDDs student transportation commuting area is established for students who live outside the walking area. Anyone who elects to live in a location where there is no bus service will be required to provide his or her own student transportation either to school or to an existing bus stop. Contact the Eifel Student Transportation Office located on Spangdahlem AB, building 459, for additional information; or call DSN 452-5340/COMM 06565-61-5340. 

Registration for school begins in early August. You may also register at any time during the school year. 

The DODEA School Year is as follows 
Last week of August is when school begins, and a two week winter break in December - January. One week spring break, and the last day of school is generally sometime during the 2nd week of June. 


What education programs are available?

The Base Education Center is the focal point for education information for the Spangdahlem community. Educational programs at Spangdahlem range from preschool to master's degree. They are located in Bldg 192 and can be reached at 452-6335/6063. 

Adult Education 
Some of the programs available at the Education Office include: Professional Military Education (PME), Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), Professional Examinations: CLEP, DANTES, GRE, GMAT, GED Financial Aid Information, Commissioning Programs, Tuition Assistance for Active Duty, Tuition Assistance for Spouses. 

Children's Education 
Refer to the children and teens overview section for more information. 

Private Schools 
Americans can use the local German schools; however German language skills are needed beyond kindergarten. German kindergartens are the most frequently used of all the German programs by Americans. The older the child, the more German language skills are necessary. 

Special Education 
National Information Center for Children and Youth with Handicaps P.O. Box 1492, Washington, D.C. 

Services for the severely-impaired are not available. Access problems exist at the high school for the physically-impaired. 

Developmental Preschool/School is available 
For children currently in a program or who are 21/2-18 years old, report to the nearest Elementary, Middle, or High School. For children 0-21/2 who are not currently in a program, report to Air Force Services for Exceptional Children (AFSEC). 

AFSEC (Air Force Services for Exceptional Children) 
Phone: 452-7041/452-7047 
Bldg 161, Spangdahlem 

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) 
Phone: 452-8279 
Bldg 67, Bitburg Annex 

Point of Contact 
Education Office 
Call 452-6335 or 6063


What is the schools liaison officer?

The Eifel School Liaison Officer is a community facilitator; connecting schools, families, and communities to address education issues impacting military children.  SLO services include: advising Installation Commander on matters relating to schools and military child education and promoting communication and collaboration between schools, military organizations, community services, students and parents.  SLOs also assist to resolve issues when they cannot be resolved through proper chain of command.  SLOs provide information on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, school enrollment, and school advisory councils as well as provide transition assistance and information for families moving to the Eifel. 

52 FW Schools Liaison Officer 
Address: 52 MSG/CCL (Bldg 151) 
City: Spangdahlem, APO AE 09126 
Phone: 452-6942 

 Space A Travel

As a Reservist, where can I fly? 

Reserve members with DD Form 2 (Red) identification and DD Form 1853 may fly to, from, and between Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the CONUS. Additionally, when on active duty, members may fly anywhere overseas that AMC has flights operating.


As a Retiree, where can I fly? 

Retired members with DD Form 2 (Blue) identification card may fly anywhere AMC has flights operating, including the CONUS.


Can I call the bases for flight information? 

We encourage you to call the passenger terminal you plan on traveling through 30-60 days before travel. The terminal will be happy to discuss their flight schedule, Space A backlog, movement forecast, etc. 

For flight or registration inquires contact the 726 AMS Passenger Terminal at DSN (314)452-8866 or commercial 06565-61-8866.


Can I fly on Space A on other than AMC flights? 

Yes. Your travel eligibility is for all DoD-owned or controlled aircraft. AMC, however, does not always have knowledge of other command/services' flights.


Can I have family members travel with another military member if given power of attorney, other releases, or authority? 

No. Family members may only travel when accompanied by their sponsor except as noted earlier.


Can I pay for excess baggage when flying space-available? 

No. Only duty status passengers may pay for excess baggage.


Can my pet travel with me on a Space-A flight? 

No. DoD has reserved pet shipments for passengers in permanent change of station (PCS) status.


Can people travel Space-A to Alaska or South America? 

Yes. Travelers may obtain Space-A travel to Alaska, South America, and other interesting locations; i.e., Australia, New Zealand, etc. Travel to Alaska is relatively easy when departing from the West Coast (Travis AFB, California, and McChord AFB, Washington). Travel to South America and other remote areas is much more difficult. Infrequent flights to remote areas are primarily cargo missions and have few seats available for passenger movement. Expect long waiting periods for movement.


Do I have to be in uniform to travel? 

Each service determines its own travel uniform policies. Currently, services except the Marine Corps permit appropriate civilian attire on DoD-owned or controlled aircraft. When civilian clothing is worn it should be in good taste and not in conflict with accepted attire in the overseas country of departure, transit, or destination, as defined by the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide. It should also be capable of keeping you warm especially on military aircraft.


Do you have any recommendations on baggage? 

Yes. Travel light, take only essentials. Do not place valuables, medicine, or important documents in your check baggage. Be sure your name and current address are on and inside your bags. AMC terminals have baggage ID tags available for you to use.


How can I find where my name is on the Space-A register? 

Each terminal maintains a Space-A register (organized by priority and the date and time of registration for travel) that is updated daily. The register is conveniently located in the terminal and directly accessible to you. Travelers may call the terminal direct to find where they stand travel wise.


How long does my name stay on the Space-A list? 

All travelers remain on the register 60 days after registration, or for the duration of their travel authorization, or until they are selected for travel, whichever occurs first. Revalidation has been eliminated. 


How much baggage can I take? 

As a Space-A traveler, you may check two pieces of luggage at 70 pounds each per person. Family members traveling together may pool their baggage allowance as long as the total does not exceed the total allowance. Each passenger is permitted to hand-carry one article (small luggage, garment bags, backpack, etc.) and one personal item (cosmetic case, purse, briefcase, small boxes, packages, etc.) for storage in the passenger cabin area.


I am disabled. Can I have a brother, sister, or friend accompany me to help me?

The only persons permitted to accompany you are your dependents or other persons eligible for Space-A travel. Every effort shall be made to transport passengers with disabilities who are otherwise eligible to travel. Passenger service personnel and crew members shall provide assistance in boarding, seating, and deplaning passengers with special needs.


I am retired and am traveling on a passport and my flight originated overseas. Where in the CONUS can I fly into? 

When traveling on a passport, (family members, retired uniform service, reserve, etc.,) you may return to the CONUS only through authorized ports of entry where customs and immigration clearance is available. While you may depart the CONUS literally from any military airfield, reentry locations for passport holders are limited. Active duty passengers who do not require immigration clearance have more reentry options open.


Is it easier to go to some destinations? 

Yes. Places where we fly often (Japan) are much easier than low frequency areas (Australia or New Zealand).


Is Space-A travel a reasonable substitute for travel on a commercial airline? 

The answer depends on you! If your travel schedule is flexible and your finances permit for a stay (sometimes in a "high-cost" area), while awaiting movement, space-available travel is a good travel choice. While some travelers sign up and travel may be the same day, many factors could come together to make buying a commercial ticket your best or only option. Remember, Space-A travel success depends on flexibility and good timing.


What are the trends in the availability of Space-A travel? Does it seem as if there will be more or less Space-A travel in the coming year? 

Although AMC has led efforts to improve Space-A travel in the past few years, movement still remains a result of unused seats. Present DoD personnel and budget trends are effecting Space-A movement opportunity. AMC is dedicated to putting a passenger in every available seat.


What facilities are available at AMC terminals (nursery, BX, snack bar)? 

Facilities at most military terminals are generally the same as commercial facilities. Facilities include exchanges, barber shops, snack bars, pay television (free television lounge in some military terminals), traveler assistance, baggage lockers or rooms, United Services Organization (USO) lounges, and nurseries (at major terminals). The type of facility available will vary according to the terminal size and location. 

NOTE: Most AMC passenger terminals close at night. Space-A travelers should be prepared to defray billeting expenses.


What is country sign-up, and how does it affect me? 

Under this program, you may sign up for five different countries rather than five different destinations. You are also eligible for the "ALL" sign-up which makes you eligible for all other destinations served. This gives you a greater selection of destinations from which to choose.


What is remote sign-up? 

Remote sign-up allows passengers to enter the backlog by faxing copies of proper service documentation along with desired country destinations and family member's first names to the aerial port of departure. The fax data header will establish date/time of sign-up; therefore, active duty personnel must ensure the fax is sent no earlier than the effective date of leave. Mail entries will also be permitted. The original date and time of sign-up shall be documented and stay with the passenger until his or her destination is reached. On reaching destination, the passenger may again sign-up for space-available travel to return to home station. 
NOTE: If applicable, a statement that all required border clearance documents are current is required. 


What is self sign-up? 

Self sign-up is a program that allows passengers to sign-up at a terminal without waiting in line. Most locations now provide self sign-up counters with easy to follow instructions for registration. Active duty personnel must ensure sign-up takes place no earlier than the effective date of leave. If your travel will take you to a foreign country, ensure border clearance documentation is up to date. If you are unsure, verify it with a passenger service representative on duty.


What is the best time of the year to travel Space-A? 

Any time other than peak travel and holidays (December-January and June-August) periods.


Where and when can my family members travel with me? 

Except EML and emergency travel, family members must be accompanied by the sponsor to fly Space-A. Family members may travel to/from and between overseas locations and within the CONUS. Dependents of active duty members may travel within the continental United States when accompanying their sponsor on emergency leave. One dependent may accompany the sponsor on permissive house-hunting trips incident to a permanent change of station move. Command sponsored dependents stationed overseas are allowed unaccompanied travel to, from, and within the overseas theater (in addition to environmental morale leave previously authorized). Travel restrictions may apply to certain overseas areas as determined by the unified commander. 

Unaccompanied must have documentation signed by their sponsor's commander verifying command sponsorship during their travels and show to air terminal personnel. This document is only valid for one round-trip from the sponsor's duty location. Family members under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an eligible parent or legal guardian. 

These changes do not affect the assignment categories for Space-A travel.


Who determines eligibility to fly Space-A? 

The four services jointly establish Space-A eligibility. AMC's first responsibility is airlifting official DoD traffic. Space-A passengers are accommodated only after official duty passengers and cargo. 


Will Space-A travel cost much? 

In general, no. Some terminals must collect a head tax or a federal inspection fee from Space-A passengers on commercial contract missions. Meals may be purchased at a nominal fee out of most air terminals while traveling on military aircraft. Meal service on AMC Category B full planeload charters is complimentary.
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How do I submit a classified advertisement?

Classified advertisements are for the personal resale of items by military and civilian employees and their families. Items such as advertisements for rental property are not free; however, ads can be purchased by contacting 0631-3033-5537. 

Ads should be 35 words or less and customers are limited to no more than two ads per week. Ads must be submitted to the Saber Herald classified ads section at least 10 days before the desired date of publication. 

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For a current listing of classified ads, check the latest edition of the Saber Herald.


Where can I find an archive of The Saber Herald and Eifel Times?

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Where can I find information about voting?

People can visit the Air Force Personnel Center Voting Web site at or the Federal Voting Assistance Program Web site at


Who can I go to for assistance with voting?

The Spangdahlem voting assistance officer can be reached by e-mail at