Smart Card Logon begins July 31

  • Published
  • By Senior Airmam Pei-Chieh Buster
  • 52nd Fighter Wing Information Assurance Awareness Manager
Beginning July 31, Sabers are required to have a personal identification number for their Common Access Card to log on to their government computers. For wing members, this means they will no longer need to type in a username and password to log on to military networks, rather, they will use a Smart Card Logon. 

The SCL is designed to combat network tampering. Under the current computer security program, it is possible for saboteurs, terrorists and hackers to compromise the network integrity, putting critical information systems at risk. 

To log on to select Department of Defense Web sites or use SCL, network users will need the following items: 

-- CAC reader installed at workstation 

-- ActiveCard Gold 3.0 software loaded 

-- Special 10-digit identifier installed in the Ramstein Air Base domain (this is not the six to eight-digit CAC PIN) 

-- Personal CAC PIN 

Client Support Administrators can assist wing members with questions about requirements. People who cannot remember their CAC PIN, or have been locked out of the system, can visit a CAC PIN Reset Workstation. CPRWS locations include: 

Spangdahlem Air Base 

-- Building 212: 52nd Communications Squadron Network Control Center, open 24 hours 

-- Building 103: 52nd Logistics Readiness Squadron, Room 16 

-- Building 132: 52nd CS, second floor 

-- Building 360: 22nd Fighter Squadron, Room 3 

-- Building 78: 52nd Maintenance Operations Squadron, Room 102 

Bitburg Annex 

-- Building 67: 52nd Medical Group 

Computer users should never leave their computers logged in and unattended. Securing a computer is easy. Simply remove the CAC from the reader, which automatically locks the system.
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