Current as of May 18, 2022:

2G, 2Gplus, 3G rules are obsolete. Vaccination/recovery/test status does not have to be provided when entering restaurants, clubs, events, etc.

Existing test centers will remain open until 30 June 2022. Free test option for all citizens.

Wearing a mask is strongly recommended in closed rooms where people come together as customers or visitors or as part of events.

Obligation to wear mask remains in the following areas:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Public transportation
  • Community accommodation facilities (e.g. refugee homes)

Exceptions to the mask requirement apply to children up to six, and people who have been certified by a doctor that it is not possible to wear a mask due to medical reasons.

Obligation to test only remains in areas that are particularly in need of protection such as:

  • Healthcare facilities (staff and visitors)
  • Centers for Asylum seekers/refugees
  • Prisons (staff and visitors)
  • Care facilities for disabled, nursing homes

Exceptions to the testing requirement apply to asymptomatic vaccinated or recovered individuals.

Quarantine and isolation rules for Germany:

  • Without testing: 10 days isolation/quarantine
  • With PCR/antigen test: 7 days isolation/quarantine
  • With testing: children/teenager: positives – 7 days isolation

Exemptions to quarantine (close contacts): Boosted, or completed full series (2) or recovered within the last 3 months, and children/teenager up to 18 years old.

You are able to check this website for the daily reports of Rheinland-Pfalz  case numbers, incidences, hospitalizations rates:

RKI - Weekly Report

Germany 7-day incidence map

During reporting week 17, the nationwide 7-day incidence fell compared to the previous week by 21%. The current wave has now clearly exceeded the peak, also the hospitalization rate and the numbers of death cases are declining. However, the infection pressure still remains high with more than 5000,000 COVID-19 cases reported to the RKI within a week.

The further course of the pandemic depends on whether the population even though measures are reduced continue to behave prudently and considerately.

Due to its high effectiveness, the vaccine prevents a severe course, and has not lost its importance even with the omicron variant.

The Robert Koch Institute estimates the threat posed by COVID-19 to the health of the population in Germany as a whole as high. It is imperative that anyone who shows symptoms of emerging respiratory disease such as cold like symptoms, sore throat or cough (regardless of vaccination status) stays at home, contacts their general practitioner and has a PCR test carried out.

The Full Report: