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Current off-base policy… 3G/2G/2G+ Explained!

Germany will continue to abide by the following protective measures in relation to the hospitalization rate. 

The graphic below explains the current measures implemented by the Rheinland-Pfalz State government.  You are able to check this website for the daily reports of Rheinland-Pfalz  case numbers, incidences, hospitalizations rates: https://lua.rlp.de/de/unsere-themen/infektionsschutz/meldedaten-coronavirus/

Starting Saturday, December 4, 2021, the“ 2G plus rule” (vaccinated, recovered plus tested) will be extended in Rheinland-Pfalz and will then apply in:

  • Indoor areas wherever a mask cannot be worn. 
  • Restaurants, hotels and indoor sports facilities
  • Close to the body services, such as cosmetics. 
  • When mask can be worn (e.g. hairdresser or podiatrist), only “2G” rule
  • If the 2G-plus model applies in closed rooms, then a maximum of 25 non-immunized minors (below 18) may also participate. The test is mandatory for them. 

More information can be found, here: https://corona.rlp.de/de/aktuelles/detail/news/News/detail/dreyerhoch-rheinland-pfalz-handelt-entschlossen-und-setzt-hoffnung-auf-den-neuen-bund-laender-krise/

With travel plans coming up, I recommend you to make a personal risk assessment and research your destinations' local restrictions. Please enjoy your time off, but be mindful of any restrictions and be flexible with your plans.

RKI - Weekly Report

A map of Germany showing corona virus incident rates.

The rising trend of 7-day incidences observed since the end of September 2021 has significantly accelerated in the last few weeks. The current case numbers are higher than any previous case numbers ​​recorded at the peaks of earlier waves.

Unfortunately, this higher infection level in the population also means a significant increase in the number of serious illnesses and apparently shows the occurrence of vaccination breakthroughs. 

The Full Report: