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The 28th Rheinland-Pfalz host nation ordinance is in effect and applies throughout Rheinland-Pfalz. A summary of key changes are below:

1) Replacement of previous warning level system: The previous warning level system based on the three leading indicators "7-day incidence", "7-day hospitalization incidence"(related to a service area) and "share of intensive care beds" (percentage share of intensive care beds occupied with COVID-19 patients in RP) will not be continued. Instead, only the state-wide "7-day hospitalization incidence" (=number of newly admitted hospitalization cases with COVID-19 diseases per 100,000 inhabitants) is now the benchmark for the respective protective measures.

2) Mask obligation for employees of facilities: The previous possibility for employees of facilities to waive the wearing of a mask with a daily updated test is restricted: The obligation to wear a mask will only be waived for the above-mentioned employees if they have been vaccinated or have recovered (without having to present a daily test).

3) Changes in the obligation to test: The obligation to test, stipulated at various sections in the ordinance can now only be fulfilled by carrying out a (professional) rapid test by trained personnel (and no longer a self-test carried out under supervision) or by a PCR test.

Exceptions (self-tests under supervision possible for):
-Testing of children and adolescents up to and including 17 years of age
-Testing of employees and employers

4) Introduction of 2G rule: Access to many areas of social life is now only permitted for persons who have recovered or have been vaccinated. Exceptions to this exist, on the one hand, for persons who cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19 for medical reasons (a qualified medical certificate must be presented) and, in general, for children and adolescents up to and including the age of 11. Unvaccinated children 12-17 will need to provide a negative test.

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