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What to do if COVID Negative or awaiting results

Test results are usually returned within 36-48 hours. All test results are available on Tricare Online. If you have not received your test result via Tricare Online within 72hrs, remain in isolation and contact the Appointment Line at 314-452-8333 or 06565-61-8333.


If your test is NEGATIVE:

  • You will NOT be contacted by a nurse or provider.
  • Check TRICARE Online for your NEGATIVE results under the “Health Records” widget, select the “Laboratory Results” tab.
  • You are released to return back to work when results are available via TRICARE Online.
  • If symptoms have not improved or are worsening, call the appointment line at 314-452-8333 or 0656561-8333 and if applicable, notify your chain of command.