An excerpt from A Creed for a Comrade
From the Defense Centers of Excellence
For Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury

I will never accept defeat -- on or off the battlefield.
I will never leave a warrior behind. 
I will never quit on my friends.
If my comrade is experiencing post traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or any other psychological health concern, I will help.

I will know the signs and symptoms of someone having trouble psychologically.
I will know the resources available.
I will reach out for help, and provide help to those who need it.
I will not leave his side until he receives treatment

I am disciplined, resilient, trained and proficient in all my warrior tasks.
If I become enraged, anxious, depressed -- I will ask for help.
I proudly serve my country with honor, courage and commitment.
I proudly stand by my fellow warriors.

Local Contacts

Immediate Contact 24/7:
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Military Crisis Line-Europe can now be reached by dialing DSN 118 on any Air Force or Army installations in Europe. Off base, the hotline can be reached in many European countries by dialing 00800-1273-TALK (8255).

Command Post
DSN 452-6141 or commercial 06565-61-6141
The command post can connect you to any other base helping agency, to include the chaplain, mental health, sexual assault response coordinator and others. 

Other Contacts
Airman and Family Readiness Center
DSN 452-6422 or commercial 06565-61-6422

DSN 452-6711 or commercial 06565-61-6711

Family Advocacy
DSN 452-8279 or commercial 06565-61-8279

Law Enforcement Desk
DSN 452-6666 or commercial 06565-61-6666

Mental Health
DSN 452-8285 or commercial 06565-61-8285

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
DSN 452-7272 or commercial 06565-61-7272

ACE Program

ACE Suicide Prevention

Ask your wingman
Have the courage to ask the 
     question, but stay calm
   · Ask the question directly: Are you 
     thinking of killing yourself? 

Care for your wingman

   · Calmly control the situation; do not 
     use force; be safe
   · Actively listen to show 
     under¬≠standing and produce relief
   · Remove any means that could be 
     used for self-injury

Escort your wingman
   · Never leave your buddy alone
   · Escort to chain of command, 
     Chaplain, behavioral health 
     professional, or primary care 
   · Call the National Suicide Prevention 
     Lifeline at (800) 273-8255 (TALK)


Six Core Competencies
Airmen Resiliency training focuses on building six core competencies:
   ·  Emotional Awareness
          Identify and manage ones 
   ·  Control
          Control of ones self despite 
   ·  Optimism
          Normalizes experiences
   ·  Social Support
          Provides emotional health and 
   ·  Perspective
          Gives perspective and meaning
   ·  Perseverance
          Persistence in course and action