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Posted 10/16/2012 Printable Fact Sheet

The Spangdahlem Housing Office assists service members and civilian employees collecting LQA, in securing a home on base or on the economy. This service is available to members who are command-sponsored or have an approved non-availability letter from the dormitories.

Accompanied members may choose to live in government-controlled quarters or may live in the community. Unaccompanied E-3s and below with less than three years of service live in on-base dormitories. Senior airmen (with more than three years of service) and above will reside off base.

Check out Spangdahlem's housing office website at  

Housing Allowance
If you live off-base while stationed overseas, you will receive overseas housing allowance instead of basic allowance for housing. It is adjusted to the dollar's value against the Euro. Rent caps for economy housing are established by rank. A member will either receive his or her rent or his or her rent cap, whichever is the least. You will also receive a monthly utility allowance that will help pay your utility costs. These allowances will be reflected on your leave and earnings statement as 'BAH'.

You will also receive a one-time move-in housing allowance when first renting a house on the economy. This allowance is designed to defray the setup cost of moving into a house, to include purchasing transformers, curtains or any other items needed to furnish your house.

To find information on rates and allowances, visit

TLA Procedures
Temporary Lodging Allowance is intended to help defray the cost of lodging while seeking permanent housing. Service members will be briefed on their TLA entitlement and their responsibilities at Newcomer's Orientation. The Eifel Arms Inn generally blocks 15 days for a Temporary Living Facility or hotel room. Anything more than 15 days is space-available and may require further approval.
■ The housing office has authority to approve TLA up to 30 days; up to 60 days requires approval from your commander.
■ TLA extensions will not be allowed when listings are available within a service member's bedroom entitlement, OHA ceiling, etc. Note the bedroom entitlement is less than many people prefer and does not distinguish between apartments, duplexes, stand-alone houses, etc.
■ Pet issues, school districts, not liking the house or similar reasons are not justification for TLA extensions beyond 30 days.

The Furnishings Management Office will provide large appliances, such as washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc., for you for the length of your tour. Houses, apartments and rooms are often smaller here than in the U.S., so you may have more furniture than you need or have space for. Think before you put items in storage. If you can do without these items for three to five years, are you better off selling them now? A five-year-old television you store will not be worth as much at the end of your three or four year tour. Save yourself the hassle and the government some money by selling or donating your unneeded possessions before you move.

Another feature of German living quarters is the lack of closets. The FMO will issue wardrobes for your use. The number you are authorized depends on the size of your family. If you have a lot of clothes, you might consider purchasing portable wardrobes, under-bed chests, or similar storage units to augment the wardrobes.

Off-Base Housing
One- to four-bedroom units are available to rent. Units with five or more bedrooms are available but can be difficult to find. Many landlords do not allow pets, so ask before making any commitments.

German Contracts
German Realtors (Immobilien) can be utilized, but typically charge a finder's fee of one to three month's rent. You must request prior authorization and be approved for reimbursement through Housing Management before signing a contract with an Immobilien. Keep in mind the housing office cannot help with any contract questions or other problems if you choose to sign a German contract.

52nd Civil Engineer Squadron Housing Office
DSN: 314-452-7133
Comm: 011-49-6565-61-7133

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