Super Saber Performer

SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany -- Name: SSgt James White


Duty title: Munitions Instructor

Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Years in Service: 10 Years

Why I joined: Initially, I joined the best Air Force in the World to stand amongst the ranks of those who came before me and laid down their lives for the greatest country in the world. Additionally, I was able to foresee a future that would enable me to impact the future of America and mold myself into a professional leader - 52 FW - #1 GOAL -build leaders at all levels.

Family: My awesome wife, Raquel, my beautiful daughter Taylor and my wonderful sons, Teagan and Trygg

Hobbies: Percussion, Fitness, Educating, Learning and Smiling

Favorite aspect of job: The rewarding feeling of showing fellow Sabers what a culture of compliance means to the United States Air Force. I instruct Team Eifel munitions specialists how to build and maintain munitions. Sending weapons to the flight line during war time and seeing the direct contribution into the enemy's playground.

Most memorable AF experience:
While stationed in Iraq, volunteering at the hospital carrying the wounded warriors from the Evacuation Helicopter to the hospital to receive treatment.

How do you make responsible choices?: Using the knowledge that I have gained through experience and lessons that I have been taught through other's mistakes, I have been able to consistently formulate decisions that lead me toward my goals. Ultimately, I am accountable for my actions and at the end of the day...I must look into the mirror and face myself with every decision that I make.